Merlin's Indoor Wonka🏭 Bars 🍫- Should be called WOWKA BARS! MINDBLOWING PICS, LOOK👀

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Last review of the night is for Merlin's Indoor Wonka Bars! Sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica)

The appearance: Light green, larger finger style buds with the most trichomes you could imagine, this strain and batch is matured to perfection, PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICS IN THE LINK BELOW, THIS INDOOR IS COVERED IN TRICHOMES!! INDOOR?? ****WOWKA BARS is the NEW NAME, once you see it you will understand! Try to find a spot without crystals atop themselves with a solid layer covering even the stems like some wild out of control crystal growth! LINK TO PICS BELOW

The Smell: Upon opening I am reminded of the Banana punch strain, Fruity and uplifting smell that only gets stronger as you go. The best part of these strains I find is the smell carries into the taste!!

The Cure: 10/10, PERFECT! needs nothing! Growers should use this as the benchmark for maturity and curing standards, its setting the bar or bars very high!

The Taste: Upon first inhale you get a Fruity bite at the back of the throat followed by a haze/pine tone that finishes with a super soft almost vanilla sweet after taste.

The High: First inhale you note a slight head adjustment that leaves a body buzz slowly creeping in. I find no matter how much of this I partake in I am always hungry after so It would be great for those who need help with appetite and or stomach issues that calming strains help. I find this to be a motivated buzz as long as I stay moving, if you let yourself you can melt into the couch like butter in the sun.

The Conclusion: HOLY SPARKLY BUDS that will leave you hungry but motivated as long as that's the goal at hand.
Packs a great punch but not so strong you end up qualifying for the special Olympics shortly after graduating from Harvard.
Link to pics and 40X 4k microscope Trichome pics, you've never seen your buds so close!

Big Thanks to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for providing this Sparkly Gem of a medicine, its almost too pretty inside to smoke.. almost..

ALL taste testing for these reviews is performed with a laser smoking device for a fuel/element free uninhibited smoke source that has no alternate flavors, butane, or other chemicals to burn providing the purest, cleanest, highest flavor experience available for the most accurate flavor profiles in the world.


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