Water Infused

Anyone try the Ultra Premium - Water Infused strains ?


  • Are these basically moonrocks? I have not heard of this before

  • I have no clue what they are either would definitely like to know

  • Isn't that just the strain descriptor? I don't think it signifies a different type of growth or cultivation. But maybe I am wrong?

  • They are watermelon terpene infused, not water infused. This is the description:

    Premium Flower infused with watermelon terps and coated with diamond dust.

    I'm not sure if they updated the description since this was posted, but it seems pretty clear what they are.

  • So they are now trying to infuse weed with artificial Terps?

  • I've been hearing a lot about this lately. Apparently bud sprayed with terpenes is becoming a big thing.

  • Many companies use this technique to enhance mid weed in an attempt to make it more favorable. It could be old stock that lost all of it's original terps. I am not implying that is the case here, just a shady industry practice.

  • It’s a good herb to start with and infused with plant based terpenes.

    Similar to moonrocks but more of a flavor explosion

  • Thanks for info

  • Anyone tried???

  • Ima have to get round to testing some this stuff get down to flavor town and visit ol gus

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