Louds PM and Merlins zoap!!!

Since my life drastically changed I haven't been able to afford cannabis like I could before. I was able to comfortably spend around $200 a week on God's gift to us!!! Not only is my income much lower but my narcissistic ex threw out my whole collection. Consisting of Slurricane, Grape Ape, Purple Punch, Ethos Apex, Apple Mintz, Honey Bucket, Ripple, Jager, Blueberry, Apples and Bananas, Cherry Pie, Cherry Fritter, Half Pint and more I can't remember. Plus probably 7 grams of assorted crumble, shatter, sugar, diamonds, terp sauce... And of course 3 grinders, dab rig, 4 bangers, terp pearls, dab Tools, papers, blunt wraps, 3 carb caps, tons of dynavap accessories, a lookah swordfish. Tons of gummies and freebie joints fom this site! Plus more.....Anyways sorry for the rant! I just ordered som of Louds UP Permanent Marker and a little of Merlins Zoap. Hope it lives up to the UP listing. Need to start building my collection back but the evil women even took my jars!!!!


  • Hopefully @LoudnCo got stuff moving behind scenes , going on 4 days without a label yet and starting to run little on low side which I should have probably put in earlier last week but hopefully still shows in time

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    @Vapedad78 with my last few Loud packages the label showed up a day before delivery which both were 4-6 days altogether 🀞🏼hope that’s your case too

  • That would be friggin amazing @superman38NC fingers crossed I can be so lucky glad it worked out for you man.

  • My last order from Loud showed up without any notification from informed delivery at all (about 2 weeks ago). Two days after my package arrived it all updated on the USPS website and showed the whole trip. Informed delivery just isn't very informative right now.

  • Appreciate the info and update and yea that makes sense. Know I had one headed out that went missing in route and hadn't been an update in weeks but hopefully things are moving correctly and swiftly in this direction. Keep looking at portable wax vapes and portable dry herb vapes and couple capable of both

  • @Thatguy you have to sign in. πŸ™‚

  • @Mr4Sher hopefully you've gotten yours by now but was gonna day you should enjoy both those selections, definitely a good way to get new collection started back up

  • @Vapedad78 yeah I've had em bout a week now. Gary Peyton and PM from Loud and Zoap from Merlin. All are straight πŸ”₯!!!

  • Awesome glad to hear it

  • @Mr4Sher do you like the taste of soap from the Zoap?

  • @antfuzz It's different for sure! It really stands out when vaping and sipping the terps. I'm not sure if I really "like" it but it's not off putting at all, as it's got a fruity taste too. The soap flavor is more of the after taste imo. It's definitely some fire tho...

  • I find it very offputting and really don't care for it but not much I can do. I have to remember to make sure I read through the full description next time.

  • @antfuzz only in the world of weed would a soap taste be off putting.. yet we crave skunk, donkeys butt, cheetah piss, and so forth 🀣..not laughing at you just the irony

  • Nothing like some good stinky cannabis @superman38NC !😁🧐

  • @superman38NC 🀣 so true brother so true and I concur @TheProfessor bring me ol stinky sticky swamp ape smelling stuff lol

  • Amen to that! @TheProfessor @Vapedad78 the stinkier the better it seems

  • Yesterday I had a chance to do some fresh hits of the Zoap. Even though it may smell, I keep blowing the smoke out the window, so I'm not really sure, the high is quite excellent.

  • Thinking of fragrant cannabis, just picked up some local Purple Panty Dropper. More fruity than stanky,πŸ˜† I’ve been wanting to try it for years. I will report that we’ve found its effects to be as advertised.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ§

  • Nice grab! @TheProfessor seems like that was on the menu a few yrs back. Sounds like something a couple would enjoy πŸ€ͺ

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    @antfuzz I packed another fat bowl of the Zoap into my dynavap. The soap flavor is intense and I can see why ypy find it overwhelming. It's sure some straight πŸ”₯ tho!!! Not disappointed on it!

  • @Mr4Sher I'm starting to get used to the flavor. I do like that buzz.

  • I just put in an order so i can finely try the zoap. It's been on my radar for a bit and finally grabbed a bit. Can't wait to try it.

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    @Thatguy it's πŸ”₯ for sure man!! Two bowls out of my dynavap and it's lights out for me. Really potent shit. It's got a soapy kinda aroma it puts off after being grinded but I don't think it comes out much in the flavor. Also, I kinda dig it. Like a citrus, funky, soapy smell. Others on here find it offputting but I don't mind it. It's different thats for sure... Super compressed and sticky too. I might grab more actually!

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