Also new toys coming my way from dynavap!

Not sure who all is in the dynaverse(people who are partial to dynavaps products). I ordered the new M7XL, Helix tip, Armored cap, and a spare low temp cap, also the dynakit basic kit for the extra o rings and tubes to clean in. Already own a M21 and a M+. A 5fin titanium tip, woodwynd ccds, a titanium Condenser and a blue azurium Condenser. Currently have 2 normal caps and 1 low temp cap. I ordered a 2nd low temp cuz I like it on my M+. And it's thinner metal so the digger outer tool is starting to get flimsy. Wanted a Perforated cap too but sold out.. Also copped two of the quartz convection caps from TRWW. Almost ripped a pinner too but couldn't quite afford it this time. The quartz convection caps by TRWW seem intriguing and have tons of reviews. All good. Comes with 2 caps. A sipper and a ripper... Can't wait to experiment with all my new toys!! Any advice or recommendations to play around with my legos(dyna parts) greatly appreciated!! Even negative input I'm all for hearing... So lemme have it!!!


  • Let me know how you like that stuff. Been looking at dynavape for a bit but bought arizer eq few years back and been using it exclusively for dry herb vaping but going on vacation and was contemplating a solo 2 or similar portable more discreet vape but probably just bring concentrates to dab and edibles along with few vapes to make traveling easier

  • @Vapedad78 I can tell you I love the 2 I already own. The M21 and M+. Vastly reduced my intake, the flavor is phenomenal, and it's healthier. Also, you can use your AVB to make edibles... I want an induction heater(like the inspire wand) cuz using a torch, turns some heads! People thinking it's a crack pipe, I suppose!🤣 But yes, highly recommend dynavaps!!!!

  • Smoking weed used to be so easy.

  • @leaf yep. Just needed some brick weed and a coke can...

  • @Mr4Sher i haven’t found a device that I really enjoy. The original volcano and then the Pax weren’t too great for me. Maybe others are better. Those mentioned above are intriguing and like @vapedad78 I’ll be on a family vacation soon where I’ll need to be discrete.

  • Maybe you didn't have the temp high enough or too high? My arizer eq isn't supposed to be as good as either those devices and gets me totally blitzed either using whip or balloon route, think currently running about 390°f gets me where I need to be in a smaller amount than combustion in pipe, I was just looking at the pax2 and pax3 earlier

  • Respect the click. I have no doubt you'll use at least 1/3 less flower while using the Dynavap. Respect the click. You will be very happy using an induction heater instead of a torch. Respect the click.

  • @antfuzz yeah I got my 1st dynavap like 2 years ago. So I'm passed the learning curve. I have noticed each cap can be a little different in the time they take to click. I have a decent collection going of devices and accessories. Still using a torch tho. Probably be getting a wand for my birthday. Can't wait
    Thanks for the solid advice tho man!!

  • Dynavap has the Wand on sale for $99.

  • The ultimate toy I’ve invested in is a $250 press. I love trying fresh pressed rosin vapes and bong rips of the same bag.

    Only been in the canna fam for 4-5 years but them lockdowns turn me into an expert in everything or at least enough to be dangerous. The first Merlin permanent marker is my most impressive press I’ve had. I’ll dig up pictures, but this recluse had to share with @medboy. Can’t remember the ratio but it was crazy compared to everything else over the years. I don’t use bags so ratio is always in the higher end with dirt and plant material…still remember that taste.

    I’ll might be posting more, but @merlin DMT helped me heal my soul. (1st time vape pen). Do your own research, study it, It’s another healing tool that I would have laughed off a couple years ago. Came here to get another for my wife in the future. She’s not ready yet, but felt urged to post and might help another spirit or drive others to study it.


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