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Hey ,y’all really need to check out happy trees 🌴 indoors selections. they are definitely fire I have tried a lot of them and so far Jelly doughnut is my favorite. they have a lot to choose from and right now there is a sale on some y’all won’t be disappointed and their shipping time has improved significantly


  • I just placed an order for Indoor Super Cookies! I have never ordered from Happy Trees; I hope they deliver…

  • @Alex you're in good hands w/happy trees. Ordered last Wed, received today. 5 days. Did a split, Super Boof & Zunami. Both sticky & pungent.
    Super Boof is fire! Just excellent weed!

  • Between sale and yalls encouraging words went with a 4way split so hopefully it'll be honored. Requested for jelly donut super boof Yikes and zunami to see what the fuss was, figure I gotta find something I like out of 4 strains, so if these work out hopefully can try 4 more lol

  • 👀…waiting on next pay check. Save some for me! Lol

  • @Jaybird922
    I'm waiting for my next check too. Fingers crossed 🤞 there's some left when I can order. Lol

  • @ChunksEggo8187 hope your enjoying the smoke, did you get a label when u ordered at HT?

  • Glad you liked your order @Beach57

    Yeah @ChunksEggo8187 Both the Zunami and the Super boof are fire buds, the super boof especially is some dank stuff, glad you're enjoying the smoke!

    @Vapedad78 I remember your order, don't worry we got you covered on that split, excellent choices!

  • @HappyTrees awesome news to hear. I can't wait check it out after hearing good things

  • @Beach57 just ordered some jelly doughnut and wedding cake. Really hope the JD doesn't get subbed cuz it sounds fire!

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