Thc syrup

I'd like to try some thc syrup aka thc lean was wondering is you guys could get your hands on some for the site preferably high strength im sure other people would like to try as well not really interested in the drops i want something stronger for after a long day @medicineman @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees


  • We have carried that in the past and it will likely come back up. However know that the syrup isn't necessarily "stronger" . It's all about how much THC is in the product. The syrup is just like liquified THC candy. The drops are very strong (100mg each). 8mg for me is a very strong dose though I understand some people have higher tolerances.

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    @Kevotootall The syrups we got where all dispensary quality. Which sounds good but there's a law here in OR that you can't sell edibles that are over 100mg's in THC. So our gummies are just as pottant as the syrup we used to sell. Between that and just how pricey dispo stuff can be we just stopped buying them because it's really not worth the price for the mg's. I do know some people who make homemade stuff and it's all really professional looking with custom packaging and they can put as much THC as they want into them. It's defiantly a plan of ours to buy some of that at some point and see how it sells. I don't know if they have any syrup though....

  • I did the syrup fromMM! Excellent 🙏

  • Thank you for the responses will be looking forward to see what products you have for us in the future

  • Be careful with those high thc gummies/ edible syrups. I had to much edibles a few weeks ago that wasn’t dosed properly. Worst experience in 20 + yrs. 🤢

  • @Kevotootall We would look into it and see what we could do :) Hope your week is going well. Cheers!

  • @superman38NC haha, that reminds me of when I made my own gummies and licked up all the excess. I've never been so high in my life. Not pleasant!

  • Haha some of us prefer the super highdoses, all in how well yourw body absorbs thc

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