Dry buds

Just wondering way most orders I receive the buds are useley dry Not stickey at all has anyone else noticed this just curious. Most local bud I get is always gummy.


  • Maybe because it's cured very well. Most of mine has been a little dryer, but not brittle. I imagine it's to withstand various shipping conditions and to eliminate any chance for mold. Just my 2 cents. I put a 58% boveda pack in with mine and it perks right up. Everything I received thus far has been amazing quality!

  • If it helps any, I’ve found the nugz drier overall whenever I buy from the left coast, whether it be at a dispensary or underground. I’m used to stickier nugz only when they are really fresh off the plant (ie, my own grow or a friends).

  • I've observed colorado stuff to be drier on the whole, and w coast bud more dense/stickier. I think indicas do better in the emerald triangle etc. Overall I've not been super impressed by rec stuff when i visit colorado, med side of things may be better i dunno.

  • I stick a piece of lettuce in the midst....Most buds will soak it up and get sticky. They use to call it when drying tobacco getting the smoke in case..

  • I forgot about the lettuce trick, Kris! Yes I've found that to be useful in the past as well.

  • I agree my last two orders from Medmama were all smalls and dry like dust dry, I have a humidor set up for bud and it hydrates it very well, but for the price we should be getting better quality, so now I will give Loud and Co. a chance to see if the bud is any better and delivery faster, we will see ?

  • Loud vs Med... I did have some Med sativa which was yes very dry. Cough style... Maybe 1st order....I worked through it. Next time I used Jaeger. I was just happy to have tree. Then another time it was picture wow style, Jaeger is that. The smoothest for me is Loud in smell before and after lit is Afgoo. Now it reads not trimmed so discounted, and such, but my 7 was 3 buds and some smallies, like stepped outta the barber shop.....Clean and Green...

  • A tortilla or piece of lettuce in the bud will moisten it more, and I'll take a look at the bulk bags and make sure they are properly hydrated.

  • Ok guys the order from l&c that I placed on 1/3/20 was like night and day difference no smalls or dust in bag nice sized buds I will order from l&c again. and why should we have to put anything in the hydrate when we are paying for top shelf bud ???????

  • my order from l&C was all buds Starkiller kush very nice smoke I ordered blue dream but ended up with Blue Diesel again all large buds smokes nice but would have preferred the blue dream

  • Any weed whether it’s top shelf or ditch weed will dry out . It’s a plant and it’s been cut and it has no H2O source .

  • OMG... some people just gotta complain about everything.

  • Yes they do......... I had one little little issue, but it was because of a limited supply and I got the end....BUT after I put apple peel in them, they sucked up that moisture and were in case ( moisture to put them sticky) . Dry buds weigh less also, so folks you getting a deal. No stems, no shake, just guys which know their business supplying Medicine.......The last oz I had weighed almost 29....That is a deal... After moisture it weigh 30.5...... MedMan is extremely fair....honest.....Follow the rules. The last heart gummie freebie from MM put me in good times.... I don't know where it came, I dont see it offered, from but was super duper....so many thanks....

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