Good morning....

Wake up... time to make money.

I'm standing outside, knocking on the door.

I really hope there's a New Years sale for those of us who've patiently waited for you to reopen. ;-)


  • LOL we're open now!

  • Yes it is! Ordered another 2 of Grape Ape from Loud by 10:00am ET. By noon it was no longer available, so I hope we got our order in. Did receive order and payment confirmation.
    Happy New Year!

  • The Grape Ape has seeds in it.

    I found about ten in the last 1/2 oz that I ordered.

    I used to hate seeds... now I'm glad to get them... thanks loud. :-)

  • I got 2oz just before the holidays and not one seed...still have about an oz left, maybe there are some hiding in there. I've been a customer for about 2 years and I've collected a total of 3 seeds. And, yes, I still have them!

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