What indica dom flower would you order if placed right NOW?



  • Good info professor. I had some Tahoe from a different vendor and it made nice oils.

  • I eagerly await your report on the Fruit Loops, george!

  • I was torn between Fruit Loops and Sherbert..couldn’t resist the warning..my tolerance is pretty high right now so I’m anxious to see..the ice cream cake looks amazing too

  • How many strains can you split in an order? For example would I be able to order 4 diff strains in a qp? As long as it’s the same price or lower?

  • I will eagerly await the answer to Medmike 25. I don't order that quantity at any one time, normally, but that's mainly because I crave constant variety. I might do it if I could get four strains.

  • If you select the 4oz price you can only split it into 2 strains . If you get 2 oz + 2oz you can split each into 2 strains to get four .

  • dangit did fruit loops sell out? I ordered blackberry kush, possibly my all time fav but wanted to try fruit loops when funds allowed for a riskier proposition. Awaiting review on that one fo sho!

  • Ok I am taking the fruit loop challenge!! Will let u know if I survive🙏

  • Ordered my fruit loops on 2/1. Hope I got it before it was gone🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Ok folks, today should be my day to re-up and SO many choices. You guys think most of loud's outdoor strains are still in stock??? Thanks

  • I got the Royal Kush and love it have always been a fan of Tahoe and the Master Kush sounds nice ..... a lot of choices good luck

  • Willy wonder I should not have smoked it before work I am on slo motion at my desk

  • Ha ha @jj213. Should have read my review on the willys. Lol.

  • @SpongePail i did and just thought a few puffs can’t hurt let’s just say the man did not get his money’s worth today😎

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