What indica dom flower would you order if placed right NOW?

Ok due to recent budget restraints and what not my indecisiveness is at an all time high when picking a strain. I use flower for anxiety and general grossness associated with an autoimmune condition. OG Kush and kush in general are my fav's. High thc indica dom strains basically are what I'm after, alot of the body high and euphoric feeling and ideally no nasty comedown or munchies. Its weird but when Im not 100 percent an ideal indica gives me energy and focus whereas sativas make me instantly tired and cloud up my head. So I know we're all different and its all grown differently etc, but any other indica lovers out there care to share what they think would be the best bet right now? I find concentrates more of a gamble for medicinal purposes but if anybody has tried one currently on menu with attributes I'm after lemme know. The outdoor grape something or other was phenominal for the price and affect in my opinion but no mas left :(. Now to get some bitcoin and then see what current menu looks like. Thanks for any input! Thought it might be kinda of a fun thread to start for others trying to get exactly what they're after.



  • I can sympathize but I probably can't help, at least not with respect to your specific needs.

    I was looking at the Pink Champagne (greenhouse) for this purpose. (Or something similar.) But I never ordered it. I don't typically order the "knockdown" strains because they don't affect me that way. I'm still waiting to find one that does!

  • Greenhouse Purple Punch

  • yeah I do dig the ppunch, hope it stays around for awhile, thanks!

  • I think Alex is on to something...

  • My opinion of the Outdoor Purple Punch.


    I find it interesting how one plant will affect 2 people differently. I look for a strain that leans towards the sativa side because of my own medical needs. I tried some Cinderella 99, and it was a little too much for what I was looking for.


    I mixed some C99 with some Mendo Breath, and it seemed to be a good combo for me. The Mendo buried me into the couch.



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    I'm normally an indica guy myself and love the kushes. I still have about a half of OG Kush, but if I was buying more, I'd try the outdoor purple urkle.

    The method to my madness is that I know it's highly likely that the outdoor strains are going to be the freshest right now because of harvest times so I try to buy outdoor this time of year.

    I did just order more jaeger and purple diesel because I really like them for sativas, especially the jaeger.

  • I loved the Purple Urkle. Bought it twice in fact.

    I, too, like the outdoor strains at this time of year. Similar reasons as Sixwaychili.

  • Indicas all the way! Over the past couple years, I've probably tried most of the Indica's offered here, as well as many of the strong indica leaning hybrids. Definitely like the Purple Punch, but I've tried premium, greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor varieties and the only real difference was the price. The outdoor Purple Urkle is also good, but I prefer the Grape Ape (hopefully I got 2 of the last oz. on Jan. 2, but within an hour after ordering, it was gone). I look for calming, sedating effects, and there's nothing better than a good "couch lock!"

  • Whatabout that Ogre OG? if its a powerful variant of good ol og I'm all over it.

  • Jaeger if it’s still available. Potent, tasty, fresh and does for me what you’re describing. Urkle is nice too. Both are outdoor priced too.

  • The Ogre OG is a real winner in my book. It does have some sativa lineage due to the Skunk but that's actually better IMO.

  • Just got some discount sherbert ordered. Thats indica dom. Like 85 15 and budget friendly. Will review when it comes in.
    But if you got the coin. Agree with medboy ogre og premium is a great bud. Had a sample of it. Loved it.

  • Spongepail- I too ordered some of that Discount Sherbert, yesterday. We can compare notes when it arrives. I was wondering if its Outdoor, Indoor or Premium. Maybe Medboy will weigh in.

  • Blackberry Kush! one of my all time favs, definitely signing up for that asap

  • ok, had to get least risk/most bang for the buck so I went with a half split between jaeger and purple urkle. Thanks for all contributions to this thread, I feel better about my order. Now to figure out bitcoin, getting raped the way I am getting it and not had time to figure out an alternate methods listed here yet.

  • Coinbase is your best bet... not the cheapest, but a fair value.

  • Coinbase IMO is the best. Not the cheapest though. I've never had a transaction take more than 5 minutes.
    Fees are like $4.50 per $100 worth of BTC purchased and like $0.99 to send $500 to a bitcoin wallet

  • Coinbase won't work with any of my wells fargo cards, everything was fine for a yr or two and then no bueno. They publicly denied any affiliation with cyber currency a few months before my problems started. De-railing my own thread! If contacting them would provide a one time fix I would do it, I don't wanna be calling and killing time for every denied transaction though.

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    Get another bank or a 2nd bank account. I use Chime without a problem. I won't use a bank that makes things inconvenient for their benefit. There are plenty of credit unions that are far superior to mainstream major banks.

  • I used Coinbase and that was a nightmare!! Took 17 days for my funds to clear. Then they froze my account with 300 bucks in it!! I use Crypto.com now and it’s so much easier. Funds available immediately.

  • oh yeah, and get all the outdoor while you can! more than legit for the price point.

  • We like a lot of outdoor...great medicine at a great price. Enjoyed the Grape Ape for a few months and just got a good shipment of Purple Urkle! Good stuff!

  • Anybody?? Kinda waiting for new strains to post but cant wait too much longer, wish I knew how much jaeger was left cuz no good sub options if I go with load. Ogre prolly the best but if med mama is still slow as Christmas i dunno....

  • Just ordered some Tahoe OG. Enjoyed it a year or two ago so decided, with the limited Indica options, to go with it again. It's a Hybrid that leans pretty strongly Indica. That said, we're still enjoying the Outdoor Purple Urkle. It's a nice sedating indica and a good price!

  • Anyone else taking the Fruit Loops challenge? If it comes with a warning then I’m taking the bait..been looking for something to remind of the early days..also grabbed some Strawberry Diesel..for some reason I’ve been digging the fruity strains lately.

  • I’m thinking about dropping 100 on a 1/4 of that stuff... (fruit loops) but, the jaeger is awesome. Don’t let price be your deciding factor on “good bud”

  • Royal Kush sounds real nice Might give it a try

  • I am absolutely taking the Fruit Loops challenge, Superman. As for indicas in general, the Sunset Sherbert was my pick. I will submit reports...currently, the OG Durban, Ogre, and Purple Punch were all disappointing for me. I made oils out of them. That's not to say the product was bad for those three, just that they didn't light a fire under me. Here's to better days ahead!

  • No Fruit Loops for me...their warning was enough...anxiety is not my friend. That said, I too looked at the Sunset, but was totally intrigued by the Strawberry Diesel so I ordered an oz. and another oz of the Tahoe OG. I really really like the Tahoe...received our first order of it yesterday...it's a great nighttime smoke...hit me HARD...and I tend to have a pretty high tolerance! I find it to be it stronger medicine than both the Purple Urkle and Purple Punch.

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