Phoenix Tears

Anybody out there micro dose this daily for moderate mental/physical ailments, seems like cost effective medicine unless its too heavy or whatever. I can't imagine how you wouldn't get a high from it but I guess the write up on it is saying its not a functional or fun high typically. Been micro dosing the gumdrops but they seem to have more of a recreational high to me, like fast onset and fun times and then they drop me on my @ss. Ive learned I "need" to maintain decent amount of both thc/cbd in my system currently to stay off the pills and stabilize mood for stuff I'm going thru health and life wise. Thanks!


  • Bought some for my mom before she passed from cancer. I tried a largish BB sized glob one day thinking I have high tolerance, blah blah, and felt totally miserable for most of the day. Can’t describe it, just was way too .... It sucked but that’s not what this stuff is meant for.

    Cancer patients usually start with a grain of rice sized blob, per Simpson’s site, and work their way to a gram a day. Man that would be something. Did give mom some peace of mind and put her out like a light at night.

    FWIW though for mental health I’d rather micro shrooms than RSO.

  • One thing that I've experienced with the RSO/Phoenix Tears is extreme nausea, even at "low" doses. Using the stuff is a full time job, basically. It shuts you down and makes you rest.

    Anyway, you are correct that it's one of the most cost-effective medicines on this site, if not the most.

  • “It shuts you down and makes you rest”

    There you go, that’s what I was trying to say. That’s what Simpson’s site says too. Difficult to function, super brain heavy, and it does push you hard to sleep. (I chalked off the nausea as having taken too much.)

  • The nausea occurs as a result of taking too much. You're correct, funkynugz. In the "rush" to try and feel better, I pushed the dosage. (There are specific instructions on the Simpson website.) With respect to RSO usage and dosage, it should be no surprise that Rick Simpson is the ultimate authority! Well worth reading, also, if you like the science behind the recipe. You'll find people talking about making this stuff with Bacardi 151 on the internet...he explains why this is "garbage." Well worth the read.

  • Yeah, thats kinda what i think of it. I wanna say high cbd stuff has made me nauseous and my wife just feel weird. A friend of mine and I did have a rather interesting fishing trip one time after taking a good bit of rso, super spaced out but out in nature so that worked. I really, really dont get what all the hype is about cbd only crap these days, but thats another subject. Waiting for more rso stories about lyme disease, thats one of my demons to fight. Cant be as knocked out as a heavy/healing dose schedule of rso makes you though.

  • Just ordered the Phoenix tears on the 2nd. Eagerly anticipating its arrival. I want to try microdosing for my husband. He was born with a severe congenital heart defect. To this day, the surgery offered is palliative. His repair was perfect. No murmur can even be heard. However one of the side effects is that he has severe gout. Crippling. It's not just in his big toe. This man gets it in every single joint and they swell huge! We have tried everything. Started with allopurinol. He had gout for 2 straight yrs on it. Had to stop that. I've spent thousands in supplements and treatments. It's better now than it has been and seems to hit him seasonally. We are almost vegetarian now. If he eats red day he will have gout. If he eats shrimp...give it a few hours! It's crazy. So I'm hoping the Phoenix tears might help. This is the only thing he hasnt tried. I will update on this thread after he starts and the effects. I have read positive things related to gout and the rso.

  • Nurse I feel ya, and my wife is a crazy nurse too lol. Sooooo incredibly sick of diets to to try and slow down stupid antibodies attacking my body endlessly.

  • @Crazystonernurse have you tried black cherry juice for gout. my wife used it and it worked better than the meds the doc gave her . i feel for you i never realized how much gout hurts until my wife got it...

  • LOL Landrace...yeah, nurses are crazy. Ive made him do many "cleansing" diets. Even made him do deep cleansing enemas. Clark115 he takes cherry extract everyday. It does help, but it doesnt keep it away.

  • funky nugz - micro shrooms sounds interesting, I wanna say they used to sell them here, anybody else remember that?
    Crazy nurse - am sure you've tried the coffee enemas? they work but what an aweful way to have coffee, total last resort for me

  • @Landrace micro shrooming is going mainstream. Oregon is looking to legalize in 2020.

  • We have tried the coffee enemas Landrace. Which reminds me it's not as severe as it was then bc it's been years since I had to resort to that extreme. Lol I recieved the package today and I gave him half a rice grain size. I'm at work so Idk what the effects are yet. Will update after I talk to him tomorrow. I was so excited to see the Phoenix tears! I have literally wanted this stuff for over 10 years so to finally hold it in my hand and disperse that first drop was almost ceremonial.

  • So first dose was half a rice grain. 2nd whole grain. This wasnt affecting him really so I increased the dose. Also I cut out all pharmaceutical meds 2 days b4 we started. This was just a small BP med and pain meds. I was afraid it would bottom that BP out. Now I'm sure it would not have. I would tread lighter if he had cancer bc the level of the 2nd day on small doses, he now has gout in both knees, ankles, and the right hand. The right hand has been swollen since b4 thanksgiving. I haven't seen it this bad since in 9 years. But I'm hoping it will detox him. So I have increased the dose a lot. His vitals have remained stable. This stuff isnt as strong as pharmaceuticals ive given. I can see in his eyes it messes him up some, but reaction times are only slowed down a little. Easily wakes up. Helps the mood sooooo much. I imagine this stuff could help so many ppl with their quality of life.

  • you nurses and your abbreviations/acronyms lol, my wife still speaks in that code for a time after work. keep pain meds at normal level while introducing the other and then taper off and raise the thc/cbd. GRADUAL NURSE! gd! lol

  • Landrace, that stuff is deeply ingrained in nurses! Lol I tried the oil myself. OMG. I think I would have to further dilute it in order to not take too much. It made me paranoid, then grouchy. Then I slept hard for 15 hours. I took like 1/4th of a rice grain. I am super sensitive to things though. I can't take pharmaceutical meds. Him on the other hand...I gave him 0.5ml in one dose. I built up to that though. That kept him messed up for almost 36 hrs. This stuff does have a more delayed effect than pharmaceutical meds I feel. But the potency amazed me. He was easy to wake up. Sometimes he did go right back to sleep. The huge swelling lasted for 2 days. I started putting the oil on topically, cut with a little cocnut bc its so thick it actually creates a skin barrier. The redness began to get smaller and smaller. I cut the oil dosage back down then. Plus he had to come out of it. He said he felt like he was in a coma and a slow moving world when awake. Vitals were always stable and in a perfectly comfortable range. I had read a lot of warnings saying it would lower your BP. I dont feel it would ever lower it like a many pharmaceutical meds will. They can bottom you out Lol He still has swelling in the right knee after dark. I plan on giving him 6gms per month. I think that's about 4 drops per day.

  • The thing to remember about the oil is that it's a completely different drug than the flower. Want to reduce inflammation? Tinctures, edibles, flower--those might work for that. Reduce nausea? Same thing. The oil will do the opposite. It can cause nausea. It actually causes inflammation (which is part of the cure--this is chemotherapy).

    It has taken me on a journey into my childhood, into my DNA, into my sick, depraved soul. At high doses, the psychotropic effect resembles psilocybin for me.

    Anyway, this is a $5000/25 mL kind of drug--if the drug companies could keep us from getting it so they could have a monopoly.

  • Georgetirebiter-it is a completely different medicine! It did cause extreme inflammation with him. Even his face-it was entire body. It did worry me for a while. He looked like shit. The only reason I kept going was because I monitored his vitals closely and they were very stable.
    My hopes are that it will bring his uric acid level down over time. Allopurinol didn't. It almost killed him. It's because his gout is due to a severe congenital heart defect and the repair of heart problems often results in having gout after.
    That type is often very severe and almost impossible to control. He has had it since he was a teenager. He's in excellent shape physically, having a military background.
    He has tophi on his earlobe. From the uric acid. It literally comes out as either powder or a rock. He also has them on his feet, but they can only be seen if the gout is flared up. I have been exfoliating those spots and putting the oil on them. Many of them are now on the surface.
    He used to take colchine...which is the Autumn crocus plant and is a poison. It sometimes helped, but side effects were bad. They have an IV med, but it does cost 5k a month. That's with insurance.
    This week I am going to start testing his uric acid level. Then I will know.

  • I had gout one time. What an awful experience. It occurred at a time when I thought I was doing everything "correctly." I had changed my diet, lost 40-50 pounds--I went on to lose more--but weird things started happening to my body. Conditions I hadn't had before started appearing, a new one every month it seemed, and gout was the most memorable.

    I have learned about several conditions that I can treat and manage effectively. Diabetes, for example, a form of type 2 that I have, can be treated entirely with diet. Anxiety and energy levels, and other automimmune anomalies like rashes, too.

    Cannabis is becoming more important to my routines as I learn how it works in different forms (coconut oil infusions, concentrated cannabis oil, like RSO, flower). Gout is not something I've had to deal with chronically. I read a chapter about it from a book by the science writer Gary Taubes. It was a chapter he left out of one of his books about diet. He left the chapter out because his "explanation" didn't satisfy him.

    Gout is one of those that when medical science says "we don't know," it's true. I could literally make up anything and it'd be just as true as anything else--until it's been tested at home repeatedly and by others. The solution will be relatively cheap and, therefore, the vampires that make mainstream choices won't help us. But I do have a positive message.

    I have tried rubbing the oil (Phoenix Tears product) on skin eruptions that I have reason to believe are diet-related--my rashes and itching are controlled by diet and when I screw up and eat the wrong thing I get rashes. Anyway it doesn't work for that. In my case I maintain that it's autoimmune and that the eruptions are at end points where proteins trigger the immune system. Point being I hold out diet as being the best route for a cure but I do not know what that diet looks like. Most likely it will be surprising and highly offensive to the medical community and you'll never hear about it.

    But, bone broth has not killed anyone and when I was released from the hospital it formed the mainstay of my diet. I then added in other "safe" animal proteins, such as egg yolks, salmon, chicken. A rigorous elimination diet. Only then, by adding in food proteins one by one could I find what triggered me and what works for food. I've also eliminated much of the bad stuff in the gut microbiome by starving it with bone broth for a couple weeks.

    I fully expect this to resonate with no one: Plants make good medicine; they make terrible food. I will not be defending this statement in the comments. Plants do not want to be eaten any more than animals. Plants fight back with chemicals, not hooves or teeth. I use those chemicals judiciously as medicine. As for food, I consume 100% animal products except red palm oil and coconut oil.

    Please let us know if you make any progress!

    P.S., one of the pivotal experiences for me was reading a post in a forum by a guy named Bear/Owsley. He espoused this viewpoint, some of it, mostly the all-meat diet thing, and it caused a huge sensation. Villy Stephansson made the same points in the 1920s, famously going on an all meat diet for one year. It is not the diet for everyone. It is absolutely the proper and correct diet for at least three humans in history: me, Bear (the LSD and sound engineer pioneer), and Stephansson. The others exist but don't talk about it. We walk among you...

  • @georgetirebiter a lot of your words resonate with me a lot. I have a hard time getting along with anyone because of it.

  • I can relate, Sixwaychili.

    After I got out of the hospital the second time I stopped listening to other people. It's hard to go against the grain of, well, pretty much everybody.

  • I do not agree with doctors or big pharma. They usually don't know the answer or just don't care, but they do want the control.
    I smoke to deal with my depression induced from the vast amount of human suffering ive seen working in the medical field.
    The gout is very under control again. He says he feels better than he has in years. He is moving a lot better.

  • Bone broth is good stuff. We would LOVE to eat more meat, but anything other than chicken will cause gout the next day. Shrimp will flare it up within hour.
    I don't think meat is bad. I feel people should listen to their bodies more.
    I also agree that plants don't want to be eaten anymore than animals. They are very much alive! :blush:

  • I don't advocate any particular diet for other people. Mostly meat works for me! I advocate for people to eat whatever the hell agrees with them, pesky friends and neighbors be damned!

    Glad to hear your husband is doing better, Crazystonernurse! Hope we get some more of that RSO for all who need it.

    Yesterday I made some oil from a longstanding tincture of 151 proof vodka and scraps from joints and the rolling tray. I keep this stuff as part of my routine, after smoking. Then, after several weeks, I filter this slop and put it all in the double boiler and decarb for a couple hours, monitoring the temperature to keep it below 60 degrees C. Then I add coconut oil when the alcohol has burned off. (Temperature control is vital here or you'll get toasted oil, wasting weeks of slow-paced extraction..._)

    This is a good oil for putting on wounds. The quality of the medicine is not high enough for serious internal use, unless it's intended to get you very, very high, for which it works spectacularly. Would not use for prostate or skin cancer.

  • Hey George, do you make your own bone broth? If so where does one get some good bones? I tried at our local sprouts and butcher looked at me crazy when I asked for bones, figured lots had been asking. They did have some bs organic blah blah blah frozen bones for 10 dollars. Used to get bones for my dogs all the time years ago from butchers for free. Thanks for any advice.

  • Landrace, I used to make it all the time. So hard to get good bones, though. There used to be a delivery service for meat...Seven Sons Farms, eastern Indiana, I believe. I'd get bones from them along with sides of beef. All grassfed. But then I moved and lost touch with their operation.

    These days I use Simple Truth chickens from Kroger. They're the cleanest chickens I've found, rotisserie whole chickens, that aren't dry.

  • For beef bones, go to a farmers' market. That's where I've gotten them before to make the best bone broth I've ever had. Make sure to roast them. If no farmers are selling them, just ask and they'll probably bring some the next week. But I bet they will have some.

    For chicken stock, I usually just buy whole chickens, butcher them myself and use the raw carcasses and maybe some extra legs that I have in the bottom of the freezer to make stock with. If you want to make it extra good, you can buy chicken feet from a farmers' market to add to it.

  • Thanks guys, pre made crap gets expensive quick. Mr. Biter, in short if I have an autoimmune condition and guts that make me feel like crap anytime I eat much of anything do you recommend a bone broth fast to kill off some of the bad stuff and heal guts - if so how long have you done them for with good results? Thanks!

  • It's not a fast process, healing the gut with bone broth (and homemade yogurt, as many do).

    I recommend to first eliminate gluten (if you haven't already) and then all ferment-able carbohydrates. FODMAPS is one such diet; it reduces bacterial overgrowth. Once bad bacteria are in check, good bacteria can be cultivated with broth and/or homemade yogurt. (I have never made the yogurt. Better not to use it if you don't make it yourself, I feel.)

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