Your best... "I'm so Fughin' high..." strory... please share.

Please share.

What is the highest high you've ever had?

Weed only please.

Thanks in advance.


  • Smoked 'white widow'...
    In Amsterdam...

    Sat on the curb...

    For 12 hours...
    Before, I remembered.
    Which hostel I was in.

    Been to Amsterdam twice since then.

  • At this age .........I sometimes open the cabinet, right next to the microwave,.......and look for the food/drink I was trying to heat up......and It's not there......because it's a cabinet......and not the microwave.

  • First real rosin dab. Holy shit, the guy I was with said I looked like I was in pain. Never have experienced that kind of intensity since.

  • Dabs = kicked in the head... by a Ford Bronco.

  • At a Pearl Jam concert, I was so high and paranoid, which I normally don't have a problem with. There were so many people and it was all general admission. Was a horrible experience. I ended up standing at the back where I could barely see the stage. Using the porto-poddies was a half hour ordeal where I had to stand in line. I thought I was going to die. Then I thought the police were out to get me. After awhile, I only would look at the ground to avoid eye contact with everyone.

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