Contact form is frustrating

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It's so annoying to spend 10-15 minutes typing up an email and figuring out the CAPTCHA to contact and without any warning after submitting, getting an error message that says "subject cannot be more than 32 characters" or "The Message field cannot exceed 512 characters in length.", and everything typed out disappears and cannot be recovered. I don't even know how to count the number of characters in something I typed, so after removing some sentences, I get it again. I've tried 4 times to submit now with 4 errors and it's been a giant waste of time.

Is it possible to just have an email address or less restrictions?


  • Sixwaychilli
    LOL....That happens every effen time I do a contact. Now I type the statement in my "note pad" which counts the characters and then I cut-n-paste. Yea.....your shit disappears if you back out or refresh the page. I think you point out the 2nd most frustrating element of the Medicineman phenomenon. The #1 most frustrating thing is the 14 day, don't you ever get to thinking about asking, "where's muh package ?".

  • I always forget about this and go through the same thing every time! lol

  • Let me just add that this doesn't reflect on' service whatsoever. I'm very happy that my issue is being resolved quickly.

  • This is good feedback. I'll pass it along to our tech dude...

  • Oh yes,
    I had the same issue several times. Great idea, use note pad for the draft, cut and paste. Thanks
    this guy! I do agree about the 14 day thing too. Very frustrating, but I remember wishing someone would do exactly what Medicineman is doing for us all. So, no problem.

  • Our tech dude likes the feedback. We should have some adjustments for the form soon.

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