Phoenix Tears

First off this may come across as a negative review, which it is definitely not. Just want to relay my experience with Phoenix Tears (aka RSO) “discount blend” from MedMama ♥️

I came to this site when someone I met on eBay said it offered RSO online for cancer patients. My mother was Dx last March with inoperable stage 4 lung/trachea cancer metastatic to the liver. She died on Christmas morning.

The RSO gave her hope but the cancer was too aggressive and won in the end. In hindsight she probably didn’t use enough for a decent 90 day tumor abatement treatment, which is listed at 60gms, but it helped give her greater piece of mind and helped her sleep during chemo. She would take a dose about the size of a grain of rice or two, once or twice a day.

So I find a couple of syringes leftover while cleaning out her home and last night got curious. So I pumped out a little glob of the stuff onto my finger less than the size of a small raisin and swallow it whole.

Now I’m a wake to sleep smoker so am pretty saturated with THC most of the day. I smoke flowers, vape oil daily and dab concentrates several times a week. So I figured the dose I took would be ineffective (or at very least I wouldn’t notice anything much since edibles rarely do much for me).


I haven’t been that out of my mind from a cannabis product in a very long time. It wasn’t very fun, as medmama smartly warns on the ordering page. Felt stumbly and drunk, almost nauseated from being way too over the top. And man did I get sleepy.

Know what though? According to Rick Simpson that is exactly what RSO treatment does. It’s how it works to inhibit the cancer. So while I didn’t enjoy the Phoenix Tears, I know that it is of incredible quality (the oil was smooth not gritty, like the stuff I got her on my trip to Oregon) and I am confident it truly helped my mom make it through her treatments, though she was disappointed it didn’t create a miracle and heal her.

I just overdid it, there is a strict titration schedule that eliminates the chance for experiencing over-high effects. Towards the end of treatment you would be taking up to a full gram a day! I can’t even imagine that considering my experience. But I can attest this stuff is the real deal for those who specifically need it and want to give it a try. The research is out there!



  • It's a common experience! Most people have to start really small with the Phoenix Tears. Thanks so much for your testimonial.

  • And thanks to you and medmama and all the other MM sisters and brothers who are so kind to provide this resource and other magical things for those who need it most ♥️

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