Post Crash Shipping

Anyone get a USPS ship notification since the crash!!!



  • just got mine this morning from L&C

  • Yea i orderd 1hr after they got up but no informed notification yet

  • Jj213 did order post crash or post holiday?

  • post crash
    Shipping label created 01/17

  • I have a order with tracking made on the 12th..but it has not moved since them..Medicine Mamas order..wondering if something is wrong...

  • Ordered 1-10. Shipping Label 1-15. Nothing since. Med Mama.

  • Hmm that's right before the server crashed !!!
    I'm sure they got crushed after the site was down almost 4 days.

  • I ordered the 5$ gram to “try the service” on the 14th and paid within 15 mins of ordering.. No shipping info yet, only a confirmation of payment. Not feeling to well about it 🤮

  • Ordered on 1/10. Shipping Label made 1/15 Received by Post Office 1-17. Med Mama.

  • Right that server crash killed them.

  • Everything works as advertised! Yummy gummies with 25mg thc in tangerine right on time. What a hoot! Thanks guys...

  • Ordered decent size order from Medmama on the night of the site coming back online. Received it this afternoon around 1PM :) couldnt be happier

  • @Fastguy199 have faith in the med fam, they always deliver, after my first ive been spending around 400$+ on all my orders so far and have had the longest wait of 6 buisness days to receive one. medfam never disappoints

  • Anybody get a loud &company order yet

  • We ordered from both shippers within an hour after the site came back up on Tuesday evening. Received both orders today around 2:30ET! ID was not consistent for either item until yesterday, when they both popped up as being scheduled for delivered today.

  • Got ya I ordered loud about the same time and i am on the east coast and have not gotten anything yet.

  • Ok dudes/ladies got my order. I’ve been screwed before so I did the 1 gram thing and they came thru, I also received a gummy bear, and a few other things. THIS IS SICK!!

  • Fastguy199 you on the east coast

  • I had my order from LC pop up Jan 18, and is scheduled for delivery 1.21. @Fastguy199 yes! MM ALWAYS delivers 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • @cmweems1964 spoiler alert. East coaster here.

  • Awesome mine to LC Rocks tooo

  • I placed an order on 1/10 and payment was received that day. Still no USPS notification so I'm getting a little anxious.

  • big bear server crashed in the am on Sat and did not come back until Tuesday so you might have got caught up in it too.

  • From my chats with the shippers, it looks like inclement weather is causing more of a delay right now than our technical issues, which did nevertheless set many orders back by 3-5 days. It's super snowy where Loud is right now, and although their crew is managing to get the packages out on time, we can't guarantee that USPS is equally timely.

  • Thank you Medboy!!!
    We understand you guys rock thanks for the update!!!

  • east coaster here too. ordered on 1/10 still no usps notification. hope the crash did not lose the order.

  • just received my order from L&C post crash
    east coast.
    still have order missing from MM from post holiday order.
    has been reported to Med Man awaiting solution now.
    Star killer kush and Blue dream

  • Me too east coast has been delivered thx ya medman

  • Just got my delivery today! Ordered on 1/10 and delivered 1/22 to the Midwest. No notice through informed delivery but that's ok. Thank you MM and everyone involved with this operation! I will encourage friends to use this site.

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