Hello everyone. I'm a long time medicine man patient and have been wanting to try the shatter concentrates for a dab rig. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations?


  • If your looking for something indica than Iā€™d recommend the Starkiller. One of my favs so far. Lemon Diesel is what I was thinking about ordering next. Sounds great too. The Chem Scout is not bad either.

  • My recommendation...Don't do dabs!

  • Thank you superman38NC. I was looking at the Starkiller and ChemScout.

    @daCabbie why not? I try not to inhale a bunch of smoke with flower and edibles last too long for me.

  • @Kris10 Starkiller is def nice. That purple kush is nice too. I dont know what @daCabbie talking about. Maybe he prefers an atomizer...

  • Dabs are just really intense. The first time I did one, I regretted it. But for patients who need powerful relief, they're the fastest way to get it!

  • Purple kush shatter is šŸ’£ However dabs do tend to be rather harsh on the lungs compared to flower IMO

  • Lol @medboy. Yup, same here. Nowadays only the RSO can totally kicked my ass into regret. There can be too much of a good thing I guess šŸ™‚

  • I truly appreciate everyone's feedback. I'll take it all into consideration :)

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