New strains

Just wondering haven't saw any new Flowers added to menu in a week are so is anything coming new .no there's been other problems with tech side to take care of just checking before I order


  • If you haven’t tried the Sunset Sherbert if you can actually bring yourself to breaking a bud up ( maybe the prettiest buds I’ve ever seen centerfold quality LOL) it tastes spectacular and has a slow easy high that makes you feel real good all over

  • Thanks Whatever,
    Sunset Sherbert is on my list. Good to have your review to confirm my good taste.

  • It sucks that the sunset sherbert is no longer on the menu though!

  • I will say I had a re-send back during Thanksgiving on ciderrall 99 . When I rec'd my re-send and opened it up had cenderlla 99 on bag the smell hit me in the face with a strong desel smell the hole house smelled like deasel and skunk. This was some of the best iv rec'd in a long while still smoking on it 1 hit wonder smoke alot of jet fuel and sour deasel it's definitely one of the 2. High is real uppp and happy very speddey. Wish I new for sure what is was definitely not c 99 . Did anyone else rec'd a resend on c 99 .if so was it anything like this.

  • There haven't been new strains added because our site's technical problems have been worse on our end than they have been on the public-facing side. We haven't been able to update the menu for almost two weeks. I'm really sorry for this inconvenience and we're getting it going again as soon as we can!

  • Hi Medboy, it’s been a few days so just wondering if there is any update on this? Is there any way you could tell us what is available here? Or can I order as normal and specify “newest stock, sativa preferred” or something else? Please let me know what you think, thanks.

  • You can write something like that in the comments and roll the dice, sure. In fact our shippers have lots of new strains that they can't load up right now.

  • WTF? Why is your business changing? How about giving us a list on here, so we know?? Roll the dice...really??? Is that what your business is coming to? Forget ordering now!

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    New strains and products will be added by tomorrow

  • Sweet! @medman looking forward!

  • @MedDx you ought to chill tf out dude. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

  • This service is a work of God. I will roll the dice here with pleasure.

    Anyone here buy RSO from a dispensary? $70 will barely pay for the taxes on an order of dried, weak flower that won't even produce oil.

    Just saying.

  • BTW Sunset Sherbert will be back up on the board today!

  • Dang! Look at all them jars on the shelves today.
    The 🍭store is open 👍

  • The example pic of Premium Sunset Sherbert and Premium Strawberry Diesel is the same bud.

  • So many choices ... but now the order form is having the same issues as earlier this week (at least for me). Ugh.

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    I'm in an order made and paid and
    Please Web Gods let them Be!!!!

  • The pic that is used for the Indoor Wedding Cake is the exact same pic as the Greenhouse Wedding Cake. So........I guess "stock" pics are used and not pics of the actual batch on hand?
    The OD Jager I just got looks more like the OD Purple Urkle picture. Anyway..........ALL the new offerings look outstanding.

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    Will there be any new vape refills soon? I saw some for about 5 minutes before everything stared disappearing

  • Our order form is still screwed up. We are working overtime to fix it. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time!

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