Smokin fast delivery

Just got my order in record time! Normally it takes about 5-6 days for me to receive my goods once I order. I placed my order early Wed morning (east coast time) and it arrived 2 DAYS LATER!!! Freaking awesome as I didn't do a good job estimating my use and was about to run out.
I don't always expect it this fast but love that it did. I have had times when I could watch it sit at a distribution hub for a few extra days waiting at the post office. I know it gets rough when your in that situation. But sometimes orders also come early and surprise me.
I have been using medman for years and they have always come through for me and anyone I know that uses them. You guys rock and I am so thankful that you do this. Thank you again.


  • Seconded. First and second letter arrived yesterday and today. Three and four day shipping times. Got to taste Lemon Tree as a substitute for Purple Jack and I am very pleased. Did I mention MM's RSO is literally keeping me alive, or so I believe? Yes it is.

  • I got the last of the purple Jack I believe was and is great huge buds and oh the smell!!!
    went to order it again the same day I got it and it was gone

  • Same here! Ordered a couple of oz. of Tahoe OG from L&C on Tuesday evening and the package just arrived! We use Informed Delivery, and it never popped up. MM always comes through!

  • @TheProfessor how do you like it? It's one of my favorites. Always smoke a bowl before bed and have a very deep relaxing sleep.

  • @Sixwaychili had it a year or so ago and remember liking it. I deal with anxiety and have struggled lately with sleep, especially middle of the night wake-ups! (age+anxiety) I've gone through multiple oz. of Grape Ape and Purple Urkle looking for a great nighttime strain. Seeing Tahoe available again, I did some deeper research and it sounded perfect, so we pulled the trigger. Couldn't help ourselves with a package of new flower on a lazy cold wet Saturday afternoon, so we just tried a bowl. This may be the one! Really calming, relaxing, easy smoke, and strong! Definitely stronger than the PU and GA of which we still have. We'll see how it goes tonight, but if it works out, I'm going to hang onto this for bedtime/middle of the night use only. May even have to pick up more while it's still available!!

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