Order page

I can't place a order due to order page not completely looding.


  • Did you try hitting reload ?

  • Same problem here.... half the order page loads them stops.

    Cleared memory and tried in Chrome...


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    Got through...

    Cleared cookies in Chrome and then reloaded.

    Techman needs to return to an earlier version of the order page... that's my uneducated guess.

    Order confirmation in 20 minutes...

    I hope I changed Alabama to Florida.. . But i know i put the right zipcode...

  • Aaaaasaa!!!! 🤬 every time they update the header on the order page something gets jacked. I knew I should have place my order yesterday. 😫

  • I re-installed Chrome & did not correct the loading issue...But tried Explorer last night & the complete order page mysteriously appeared...So I placed my order successfully!
    But this AM as I suspected... The order page is no longer working... Go figure?

  • Iphone form hasn’t worked for a while but firefox in private mode lately is rock solid. Ordered flawlessly just the other day.

  • I was able to get the order form to load via safari/iPhone and placed my order yesterday but as soon as I clicked on the order page to close the confirmation screen it went back to cutting off the bottom portion of the order form. 🤷‍♀️ Wish y’all had photo upload capabilities here so we could show y’all what it’s doing. It’s so random.

  • Order page not loading for me either...

  • I can place an order but the payment amount is incorrect from what is should be.

  • order page not working for me as well. I have tried different browsers. no workie.

  • Did you clear your history/cookies?

  • Silly question but with all the glitches, if we put in an order recently and get a payment confirmation, can we be sure our order really made it through? Thanks

  • If you're not sure, you can write to me through the contact form.

  • Sorry Medboy.... the order page is still glitchy.

    Android mobile.

  • I've had at least one letter come through during these turbulent times. The contact form works fine for me. In Chrome. Hello Google! (Waves...)

  • Medboy, did that. Not sure that actually went through either. Seemed like it :-)

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    I've sent my order twice via the contact form (once Monday, once Tuesday) with no confirmation. Problem with contact form?
    Tom Mesa, Az


  • I just placed an order, and I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. The order page opened OK, the submission, the bitcoin payment and the email confirmations all were normal.

  • Just received an order placed on the 3rd! 🥳
    Longest wait ever but not really that long really.

  • Working fine for me. Just got ordered some of the new outdoor from loud. Wonder and durbanskunk cant wait till it comes. Love outdoor.

  • Well, figured it out. In an attempt to save data a week ago I turned on the "data saver" option of my android and I guess it wasn't allowing the order page to fully load. Duh. Lol Turned it off and everything loaded fine. Sorry for previous comment.

  • The order page worked for me.
    I successfully placed an order,(Loud&co) 20 minutes ago with no problem. (Confirmed 12 min. following BTC send).

  • I just found out that ~200 emails sent to me through the contact form didn't appear in my inbox until about 2 weeks later. So sorry that you couldn't get through! I just can't wait until this perfect storm of technical problems is finally over!

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