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Don’t you guys think it would be cool if we could do add ons to your orders? For example if there was a flower you would like to try add on a gram for $20 or so...or add on a couple of edibles (gum drops or cookies) for an extra $20...just an idea personally I would like to try edibles (haven’t experienced them much) a little more than I have but not really willing to drop $100 on an experiment...sure there would have to be a minimum amount...I know they wouldn’t want to add on $60 worth of random stuff to a small order...but if you’re going to spend a couple hundred bucks it would be cool to add a gram of a nice looking flower or a couple edibles...just a thought...what do you guys think about it??


  • That would be nice, I also have times when I order I would really like to try something else also but am not wanting to buy the required minimum price . Now if ICould say buy $20 worth like you suggested and then if I like it place an order that would be awesome. If not Something I particularly care for no big deal, I’m only out $20 and I don’t have a bag of weed sitting around that I don’t care for.

  • I'll pass on the suggestion to the shippers, thanks!

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    I’ve bought a few strains based solely upon nugz samples (freebies) I’ve received with other orders. They’re great marketing vehicles for repeat purchases. I’m a variety freak so addons or even limited quantity sampler sets, like breaking a 2 zip order into 4 halves of different strains, would be of interest since I usually buy no less than 2 zips per order to save a few bucks. But I realize smaller quantities do add more work and maybe a headache here or there for the shippers.

  • I also have bought because of a free sample I received, the problem is and I’ve discussed this with Medboy before in the past. I just recently this week received an order with a free sample and I really like it. The problem is a lot of the times I get a free sample like this time that I like but yet the supplier doesn’t sell that particular strain on the website? While I am appreciative of the free sample for me it defeats the purpose . Please send me a sample of something that you sell on the website so I have the opportunity to buy it if I like it. Also I’ve had to write medicine man to see if they could find out what sample I’ve received because I really liked it and it wasn’t marked as to what it was.

  • This is all good stuff! The shippers read these threads too so I'm glad that you're sharing your experience; they need to know!

  • I’ve found it depends on the shipper/freebie if there’s a name on the sample; and I bet that free joints received are a “blend” if there’s no strain name shown.

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    Perfect example is about a year ago or so I received a free sample of something I really really enjoyed, it had no name on it so I wrote medboy and he contacted the supplier to see if he could find out. Once I found out what it was I actually ended up buying over 3 ounces of that particular strain based on one sample , so it does benefit the shipper to let us know what you’re sending us and to have it available on the website to purchase. Now that particular strain is a strain I never would’ve purposely bought on my own but because of the free sample and letting me try it I loved it.

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    LOL, sometimes i get just as excited to rip open the box to see the freebies because they're just fun little surprises :) i got hooked up with a half gm disposable vape my last order which was a really fun thing to get...was going to review it but its no longer shown in the dispensary. but its the best freebie i ever got so far (as i take a few puffs)!

  • Wow didn’t know they have gave out vape cartridges for samples. That’s awesome !! I would say that is probably one of the best samples. Nice to hear.

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