Just placed my first order!

Just places my first order anyone has a estimated time line as to how things go? I'm not in a super rush just curious medboy said 5 to 10 days but I made my order at 7 am on Feb6th but nothing on informed delivery yet about a label or anything I'm new I have mo idea how any of this works haha!☆


  • Did you order the first time sample gram, and if so, where did you go to order it? Also, please let me know how your experience goes, as I’ll be making my first purchase soon.

  • No I ordered the 2 NYC diesel half gram carts from loud and I most certainly will I've seen mostly good things tho!

  • If you ordered on the 6th... I wouldn't expect anything until about the 12th... depending on where you live.... here's my rationing... ordered Thursday, probably packed and shipped Friday, 3-4 days of transit puts it in your mailbox about Wednesday/Thursday.

    F*ck informed delivery... so many problems with that system, it can't be trusted... personally never used it.

  • The label was just made I should have it within the next week I'm so excited☆

  • Informed delivery has always worked for me.....ordered 2/3 shows to be delivered 2/8.

  • Sweet mine doesn't show a delivery date yet cause the label was just made but it let me know the second it was made so its cool

  • I am wondering why I don't receive any emails with special deals or discount codes, after signing up for their newsletter? And can you get any special deals for your birthday?

  • the Whole site is a special deal geez Louise

  • A special deal for your birthday!!!! So you want them to keep track of birthdays!!! Grow the fuck up this is not Amazon.

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    Oh, dam not the Birthday Code deal !!!
    Please the Holiday code is only one I would count on 20% rocked Last yr

  • The newsletter is defunct. Now we have these boards.

    Ignore the snotty people with the potty mouths.

  • So my label was made thursday but they haven't shipped it yet how long does it usually take before they actually ship it out( I know they dont on sundays cause usps isnt open)

  • I just dont know much about usps most the stuff I order is usually ups or Amazon so I'm clueless when it comes to this kinda shit

  • I don't expect any movement on an order placed Thursday until the following Monday. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but the weekend is taken seriously here.

  • Ok gotcha thanks man!

  • I like to order on SAT-mon...no later than that if possible...I almost ALWAYS get it by Saturday..so far anyway...just know they ALWAYS DELIVER...I love them FOREVER...I NEVER trust anyone else.

  • Please let me know if the order is late! Late = two weeks.

  • There are other sites but I just don't like their selection of cannabis. I mean, seriously, we have the resources of a large and proud state here in the Midwest, and the cannabis they sell doesn't even make oil. How can you sell weed that doesn't yield oils? And, no, I'm not doing it wrong...

  • Everything came perfect 6 days later I'll definitely be placing another order Wednesday

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