Best strain for munchies

Anyone else smoke for appetite stimulation? For me it is one of the biggest benefits of this medicine. Only problem is I have yet to find a strain that always works at giving me a good case of the munchies. Sometimes a strain will work one day for this but not the next...and work again the day after. I know that so many other things fit into this equation but it gets frustrating.

Anyone else experiencing this? If so any advice would be appreciated. Do you have a "go to" strain to help your appetite?


  • I’d recommend an Indica, or at leased an indica dominant hybrid. Check the description of the strains, I’ve seen multiple that listed appetite stimulation, but I haven’t bought off this site yet, waiting on the sample to appear on the website, but anyways hope that helps, happy smoking!

  • Though it is not available at the moment, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES is a good appetite stimulant.

  • I think caryophyllene dominant strains will work well for you. If I recall correctly, Wedding Cake or any of the "cake" strains are good bets. I think this includes some of the "cookies" strains as well, such as GSC. The Leafly site is my data source for terpenes. Anything that has caryophyllene as a top or second terpene would be my advice.

  • It's the "cookies" strains that are highest, upon review.

  • But Wedding Cake and Ice Cream Cake are high in caryophyllene, too.

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    The Indica leaning hybrid Tahoe OG has an excellent reputation for increasing appetite. It's also high in caryophyllene.

  • Thanks all...didn't know about caryopyllene. Will be doing some research on in tonight. I've never really looked into all the different compounds but think I probably need to.
    I had noticed that GSC is usually a good one when I can get it. Have had a few of the cakes but will be trying them again soon.

  • I can personally attest that Wedding Cake brings on the munchies! Bought two different batches including the greenhouse WC available now from MM..some of my fav this site has offered. The ice cream cake sounds like a great option from Loud.

  • I personally find that I only get the munchies after I take a break for a few days. When my tolerance is high, I don't even notice the munchies side effect.

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