Substitute for G-mail

@medboy @medman what email services do you recommend in replacement for gmail?


  • Any idea why google is blocking the site’s emails?

    Unless you have special needs like advanced encryption or PGP, these are said to be the top free accounts....
    Zoho Mail
    Yahoo! Mail
    GMX Mail
    AOL Mail

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    ?? I literally just placed an order five minutes ago and I use Gmail and I received my order confirmation within seconds of placing it . Gmail is working good for me. Maybe check your settings??

  • Same here no problem with Gmail

  • Any of the services on that list will work, it's only GMail.

    Thanks Flapples and Winston for the info; we were trying to determine whether all or just most of our emails were getting bounced. Apparently 3 days ago GMail instituted new, much tighter spam restrictions. Our emails are getting bounced right back, they don't even go to spam.

    We're working with our tech person to see what we can do but basically all we're getting from GMail is, if we add our server to their trusted list then this might not happen so much. No guarantees. Pretty much a bullshit response, they are so arrogant about it.

    So I don't know how this resolves. Any of those alternate free services will be fine.

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    I know about a month ago I was expecting an email from medicine Man and didn’t receive it like I normally would over the the past few years so I went to spam and it was there so I marked it as not spam and have not had a problem sense. I wonder why my Gmail is working and others are not? Interesting . Although I will add I don’t ever get any email like newsletters or anything from medicine Man just orders not sure if you send out other emails like the newsletter or not?.

  • The newsletter never got off the ground. We sent it out once then got in trouble with the email provider so I don't think it's coming back. :(

  • Good news: MM fixed the problem with GMail!

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