When will Medicine Love be back?

Any updates when they will be returning?


  • I was just getting ready to ask that same question...

  • Hope he's feeling better

  • I don't know myself. I expect we'll make a final decision some time in the next 2 weeks though.

  • I truly miss the CBD/THC Chocolate Bars and the CBD/THC Medicated Syrups!

  • Any updates? Thanks

  • Any updates?..."Thanks we miss Him"

  • He's not coming back. I finally got the word. I'm as sorry as anyone here...

  • Any possibility that another shipper could offer some kind of THC/CBD, Medicated Syrups?

  • Med Mama is looking into it but there are no guarantees.

  • Never purchased from medicine love myself but are there thoughts of finding a replacement supplier? Iā€™m perfectly happy with mama and loud FWIW šŸ‘

  • Nothing wrong with loud or med mama...med -love was a straight up guy, whom offered great medicine..i have respect for him and i know others do too..tonite when i take a toke ..i will pass it to you bro..with nothing but thanks for taking a chance and making a differance in peoples lives...Steeldude

  • well said stelldude

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