Can you possibly tell me how fresh the Durban Poison x Top Skunk #1 outdoor strain is . Last couple months


  • Good question. I wondered about all the "new" outdoor strains. One of the descriptions hinted that these are "leftovers" but I could have been reading too much into it. The GC appeals to me, regardless of whether it was old or new, but I would love to hear MB's take on it.

  • Agent orange says final instalment of the outdoor they got for this year. So seems like it is from the winter harvest and cure. So perfect cure time of 3 4 month

  • Yea if I new it was this winters I would go for the dp & skunk croos

  • I imagine they are fresh. Agree with Sponge that the cure is probably done and after exchanging hands and all the tech issues here it is. I ordered some Agent Orange and the Lemon Kush so we’ll see. Hope the AO has more of an “orange” smell than the Alien Orange did a while back. Great strain but over emphasized aroma. Now the Strawberry Diesel and Fruit Loops I received last week didn’t disappoint at all. Very “Loud” out of the bag..😀

  • Wow, there are so many. I really want to hear a review of Willy's Wonder.

  • I will review willy and durbanskunk when it arrives

  • I'm sure I'll have a couple reviews of outdoor strains if I'm still a member of this forum by then.

  • Do you ever check the contact page still ? Iv ordered 2/2/20 n still 0 from informed mail or the contact page ? And no package as of taday ?

  • I have used the contact page 3 times with no response

  • Medmoma posted 2 new strains in last 12 hrs so looks like there able to access site

  • Iv just got to cut back and save till this is fixed don't fill comfortable sending coins with no response from site

  • I got a response from MedBoy via email last night. He approved my forum account here for me. I emailed him manually using the email address though not the contact form.
    This is the email I sent to:
    I received a response in less than 24 hours.

    He also said ordering is working fine.

    Good thing because i ordered some Jaeger on Monday. No informed delivery info yet but it seems that ID is kinda messed up right now based on what everyone else has been reporting.

  • I ordered Saturday and ID shows delivery today. Also Monday was a holiday so no mail.

  • I have reached out 3-4 x using contact form and email and have got nothing. This is really frustrating. I don’t overstand how some are ordering and being contacted and others are being ignored.

  • Yeah i cant order more till I ever get the 1 from 2/3/20 ?? N yeah it's like were being ignored ? I mean I just dont get it ? Nothing but stress ! at least get an email !? That wld be realy nice to at least get something.

  • Hello All
    I received a email from Medboy today so they are not ignoring us they are still having some problems and are working through it, just give them some time to get it back to normal.

  • O ok at least someone heard something ! Thank you !

  • thats re assuring. just a bit of good news i have ordered 4X from L&C since my order from MM went missing and even though I did not receive payment confirmation i have received all orders and they all tracked via USPS with the latest order being delivered today ordered on 2/16
    Dursban & Willywonder
    Still have an order missing and still waiting on resolution

  • jj213: Check the wallet you sent payment to. If it's not in the correct wallet, and I believe each transaction is unique, they will not be looking for it. I suspect they get periodic scammers and that is why it's set up the way it is. Just my 0.02, from someone who made that mistake. Note that I had to do my own research to point MedBoy in the right direction. And that concludes my book report about "Brazilian Zulu Mythology," a work that rejects its own premise and ventures into bold new territory.

  • Well ordered the willys wonder and sent payment. Praying to the green goblin and MB that all goes fine and fast like every other time...

  • I'm very sorry to everyone for the ways I let them feel ignored. On top of everything else, I discovered ~200 emails from the contact form which were not appearing before. Today I finally got caught up on that. I just can't wait until this technical nightmare is finally over! We are making progress...

  • Just keep "pluggin" away. We're "pullin" for ya.

  • Thank you MB !!! Were all sorry as well ! for stressing you ! Its not your fault ! But were all Thankfull for all you guys do !! We all get use to the 3 to 5 day dilivery , we need to be more patient ! Hv a nice day 😊 !

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