Phoenix Tears PLEASE READ MM

This is a cry for help.

I wear the oil on my body, a gram and a half every day...

Will we see more, especially of the heavy indica variety, as espoused by that kind, wandering spirit R. Simpson?


  • Hey we are making more right now, should be available in a week or so.

  • @georgetirebiter @medmama thank you so much for asking, thank you so much for receiving! Can’t fricking wait!!!

  • On a hunch I came here to check since I guess MB/MM are no longer answering questions. Dude/madame, try to address peoples questions in the contact email. People are in severe pan and need answers for shits sake. Or post something on the home page. I have been recovering from major surgery (open heart surgery) and I would have appreciated a prompt answer. Not very professional. BTW, it seems a huge waste rubbing RSO all over your body, WTF. No wonder why the supply's been exhausted! People need to reserve this for those in need of medical attention.

  • @Billy it’s an illegal chemical. If you’re looking for professionalism go see a dr.

  • @Billy @Fastguy199 He’s a paying customer, if he wants to use it for his body, then he can, this is the black market, not a rite aid.

  • Im sort of hoping that MM just beefs up email response time and does away with the forum

  • I find the forum to be absolutely necessary. It puts my mind at ease every time I start to worry about something.

  • New product is up.

  • It's OK to criticize our performance as a business but let's please refrain from attacking each other personally! I know that folks are in pain without their medicine, so please attack me if you need to attack someone.

    PS the RSO is now loaded up and I'm encouraging Med Mama to expand her variety.

  • sorry i get that way when i am in pain. it's terrible and i am sorry for snapping at you.

  • sorry i get that way when i am in pain. it's terrible and i am sorry for snapping at you.

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