Medmamas new Wax's/louds new outdoor

Oh my im excited to get my order i placed this Wed. I got a bunch of the gelato wax crumble and mimosa shatter, im a little upset i didnt wait a few days because the blue dream and others she posted look incredible. and louds new outdoors :O everything looks so amazing i wish i had 5k to drop lol. Anyone try these waxs before? and or some of those new outdoor strains?


  • @shleezen .....Same here. Got an ounce of indoor blue dream and royal kush on the day the new outdoor posted. Now I got no coin to buy with and the agent orange is like looking at weed porn!

  • Happy Friday! I’m still working my way though the lemon gelato wax I received before the holidays..amazing flavor..nice by itself or added with flower. I’m sure you’ll like it..please let me know how the mimosa shatter is..considered getting some because we love the Mimosa flower we ordered off here..wife loves it!!

  • @superman38NC i will let you know as soon as i roast it. my good friend just got the gelato crumble and said it was fantastic so i got a ton of that too with the mimosa. Ill post a review for both :) happy weekend!

  • I'm just not comfortable buying an outdoor strain called "Agent Orange."

    I realize this is not logical...

  • Not trying to be the history police, but Agent Orange was first used in Vietnam! I think.

  • Budget will only allow me one outdoor zip. Should I get willys wonder or the Jaeger?

  • @groundscreeper . Split it half of each

  • @georgetirebiter I thought the same thing about Agent Orange!

  • Regardless of the timeline on Agent Orange usage, it's just an unfortunate strain name for a guy who grew up during the drug war 80s, 90s, and ????s. I do not put it past our government, sadly, to spray our fields with poison, for no good reason other than spite.

    Not saying that's what's going on here! Just it helps make my choice much clearer. Lemon Kush or Lemon Haze wins based on the CV of the grower (mentioned in the strain descriptions). Anyway, that's just how I think.

    And so, this is why a strain named "Willy's Wonder" seems so appealing. It hearkens back to simpler times...say, for example, the first garden in history, the one in which we could take off our shoes and learn how to play the flute. You know, Eden.

    Today's random thoughts inspired by Greenhouse Lemon Tree, my "go-to" strain lately, by happenstance, from a substitution that kind of pissed me off at the time.

    Back to the point: If I could get one zip, it would be the Super Lemon Haze.

  • I might split Super Lemon Haze with Willy's Wonder for my next order. But I still have Purple Diesel, Jaeger and Tahoe OG to get through.

  • Just got Willy wonder
    And smoking Durban x skunk it’s been an hr and can’t finish this spliff 1-2 puffs and I feel nice and have been chatting up the wife the entire time. I love a good sativa
    The Willy has a great fruity smell can’t wait to taste that.

  • Sounds fun jj! I hope mine comes tomorrow so I can join in the medicated bliss!

  • a little dab will do 'ya!

  • @georgetirebiter sadly, you're right. We know for sure that the US government has deliberately poisoned coca plants in Colombia in the 90s and that they did something similar to alcohol supplies during the Prohibition Era. Hundreds died as a result and their blood is on Uncle Sam's hands. No one has ever apologized for this.

    I don't know of them ever doing the same to marijuana, but I wouldn't put it past them. They are willing to commit mass murder in the name of "public health." Such are the Orwellian times in which we find ourselves.

  • Thanks for the history BigLew (and MB). I don't believe it was ever used that way...just another aspect of my paranoia that turns out to be...not.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about Paraquat. Thanks for the remind!

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