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Hello MM community! Here are some of the questions I receive most often:

  • Can I pay for faster shipping? (No, sorry.)
  • If USPS informed delivery doesn't show any package scanned for me or it shows a scanned package that isn't sent, does that mean my package wasn't sent? (Actually, it means your package is probably on the way!)
  • Can I pay with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? (No, you can't.)
  • Can I mix and match 2 different strains? (Yes, for any amount 1/2 oz or higher.)
  • Can I mix and match MORE than 2 different strains? (No, not unless you put in more than one order at a higher price.)

I'll add more to this list as this discussion grows. I'm your Medicineman information resource, so ask away!




  • question. I see your post about USPS scan. On the USPS you see that a label has been created 7 days ago awaiting a package from the shipper. But there has not been a scan since label created? what does that mean? it says pre-shipment

  • Thanks for your question. Most likely it means that informed delivery is not working correctly. We have found that 99% of the time that you see this kind of situation, your package is in fact on the way but informed delivery is behind the times. That's why we ask you to wait 2 weeks before asking for tracking, because most of the time it will arrive by then, despite what informed delivery says!

  • thanks for the info. Very helpful.

  • Mommiller, did you ever receive your order? It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and my order still has not shipped (just label printed). I have ordered many times and have never seen this before. I usually receive my order within a few days.

  • Yes, everything was great!! Thank you for the help/

  • That’s good news. Hopefully mine will come soon!

  • 4+ years and I can say that if you’ve done your part, checked for accuracy, and paid...MM always delivers. I’ve had tracking issues (USPS) and it came, product issue (was replaced and it came), and personal mistakes that were caught fixed, and it came.

  • As anyone noticed are is it just me . When you start typing a comment . The site is saying unsecured website . Is anyone else having this problem

  • My browsers are all showing the security cert to be ok. Sometimes server-side graphics can throw up exceptions.

  • I'll bring up the issue of site security with MM, thanks!

  • Hey I was wondering if you could start a “tip jar” option, where I could donate some of my extra currency? When I get funds I always overbuy before ordering, to make sure I have enough, due to fluctuating prices. Then I would be glad to send the change your way for a job well done, as always. Anyway just a thought, thank you for all you do!

  • Whoa, that's a generous idea! I'll bring it up with MM.

  • I have a question. Im very new to bitcoin and have no clue what I'm doing. I've already sent my payment and has been confirmed. I sent more than what was asked for. What happens to extra coins? Do I loose those?

  • Extra coin will stay in your wallet until you need them next. They will gain/lose value as the market fluctuates, but the number will not change.

    I had a small amount left over in my own wallet just before the market went up and doubled my value. Ha! I am the big tycoon, I started with about $7.00 as a leftover buffer, now there is about $15 there.

  • If you send us extra, we keep it. Unless it's a lot, then email me.

    In general, you can avoid this by always copying and pasting the Bitcoin total into your wallet.

  • Ok. I actually sent way more than what was asked

  • I really do not know how to access my wallet.
    I am usually a tech person, but this is confusing.

  • Do you have wallet software? Or just an account with an online website?

  • I got it. Thanks

  • Iv been with Coinbase 2 years now ! You just have to be patient when starting new that's all ! But after you complete all your information ,and get verified , it as simple as it gets ! I can buy bitcoins 1 minute and then send them off the next minute to MM, and have a conformation email with in 10 minutes ! Coinbase is the best in my opinion !

  • I do not like these bitcoin things. I get so confused and have lost a lot of money. Maybe this isn't for me

  • Stay away from Coinbase . Coinmama is the is the way to go you don't need a Bitcoin wallet to use . Buy from coinmama and send to mm & mb from coinmama .

  • IMO

    I too use Coinbase and have been for several years now and it's easy as pie.
    There are fees that I hate to pay but for ease of use it's worth it.

    One warning; they place limits on new users so I strongly suggest all new users make many small purchases to build up a history and always fund/buy bitcoin using a credit card/debit card.

    If you fund/buy with a bank account, the transaction could take up to two weeks. Cards are instant.

    Another thing that's important to me is trust. I was buying/selling Bitcoin and other coins for a few years but there is so much fraud it's like the wild west and I don't bother to trade anymore.

    To the best of my knowledge, Coinbase is safe and trustworthy.

  • BigLew, I need you to teach me!

  • I have used coinbase for sometime and it is super easy. The waiting 12 days I didnt like. I now use the cash app. Super simple, add funds within minutes.

  • I think that Cash App is one of the easiest options to use. Here are instructions on how to send Bitcoin from your Cash App:

  • Can I cancel an order? Cash App will only accept an old debit card I had on file with them and won't let me use my other bank account info on file, soooo I have to go to the bank.
    Or is it OK to leave it until I go to bank? Several hours from now?

  • You can let an order expire by not paying it for 5 days. That's no problem. But if you can pay within 5 days, you can also choose to do that!

  • I have a question just placed my first order Friday everything went smoothly got an email confirmation not long after now today I get an email saying to send a little more coin to another wallet and I did because it was only a dollar or so just wondering if everything is good and why did that happen?

  • @winston the ssl certificate seems to be working fine. Not sure what is up but maybe use another browser. Honestly not a huge deal either way. SSL is important when sending personal information. @Bayoubud87 you should not be getting a second email..that's weird. We'd be interested in seeing it if you can forward it to us.

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