Large Postal Service Bust in Reading PA

Good Morning, Worke up to a very disturbing news article. The post office made a huge bust of this person. Packages were mailed from Los Angles CA. He had edibles, THC oil, pot. My first reaction was I can never order again. I live where those packages were delivered. My stuff goes thought that same post office. But then I saw a picture of the person he was a young man. my thoughts went to he has a friend in CA and because of it legal where they were sending without taking to much care in packing items. Can you please calm my nerves and tell me this is ok to keep ordering.


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    Why I totally understand your concerns this is a chance we all take, there’s nothing they can say to you to tell you it’s OK to order and shipping to you will be ok. They have no control over that. You just like all of us have to make your own decision and if you’re not comfortable with ordering which I totally understand that I suggest you may want to look elsewhere. Maybe buy local?.

  • Yes I understand the risk I take each time. It was just a shocking article. I guess what I should have said. Was, I am glad all the care of packing that is taken. To limit our chances. I never buy the amount that this person had I think it was 7 pounds was in the last shipment. He was clearly selling it out of his home to make a profit

  • With the amounts that we buy if it’s ever caught by the post office it’s not enough to justify them to investigate they just throw it away. An ounce or two is not worth there time. 7 pounds now that’s a different story LOL

  • Yes. I agree. I have never had any type of issue with any of my orders ever. I been ordering for about three years now. I believe they were extremely foolish. But was still kinda of a reminder to be aware always of the risk. I feel the risk is worth it since no doctors in my area will supply medical ID cards. And even if I could get it,the price is way more expensive.

  • I agree with Flapples.

    The amounts we send are consumer sized, not for distributors. The postal service is after distributors like us, not consumers. We have in fact seen some packages get seized and the customer never gets in trouble, for just these reasons.

    So the risk is not for you, it's for us!

  • Whenever you get a package just leave it sit unopened on the kitchen for a few days. Not easy I know but if you get a knock at the door, deny deny deny. For me I get so many packages delivered I’d say the shipper must have meant to send this to somebody else. I ordered dog treats.... 🐶 woof!

  • I get a lot of packagers and things delivered to me also. I am unable to drive. That is a great idea thanks for all the info. Funkynugz medboy & flappes Thanks

  • Flapples has it right in my opinion. We have seen postal seizures before, although it hasn't happened to us in over a year now. The package is destroyed but no prosecutions result. The customer gets one threatening letter and that's it.

    It's basically for the reasons that Flapples discusses above. It's small time, they don't care. And besides that, it's a weak case because they can't prove that the customer actually wanted someone to send that package to them. It could be a mistaken address, etc.

  • I am so grateful for MedicineMan. Thank you for all you do. I pray one day it won’t have to be like this, and when the plant is freed, I’ll still be a customer. Thank you.

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