Skin cancer suggestions

My father has been diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma on his nose and eyebrow. He’s debating on surgery which is what the drs want to do. I am wondering if I can use RSO to make a coconut oil mix for him to apply or just use the RSO full strength under a bandaid? If I can use a coconut mix what would be my ratio?


  • RSO is designed to be ingested and swallowed. I have heard that it can also be effective for topical use but that it needs to be mixed in DMSO for it to penetrate the skin deeply enough. Please don't quote me on that though, I'm not a doctor! Just passing on what I've heard.

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    seems like a sort of easy way to go about it:


    here's a youtube on how to use RSO for salve:


  • DMSO is necessary if it goes below the epidermis but it can be used by itself. You can smear it on full strenth, bandage it and leave for days before reapplying. Plenty of success stories using this method.

  • DMSO? You mean the horse lineament? I know that RSO was created originally for skin cancer just wondering if it could be combined with a oils so it’s not black and can be used regularly on the face and skin without discoloration. I have a Magical Butter maker so I could use just straight flowers and oil. If coconut oil is not the way, how do I infuse the dmso with the RSO?

  • I don't know if it's used for horses but you can get it at health food and natural medicine stores. It's a topical that you put on the skin. By itself it has some relaxing benefit but when combined with RSO it helps the cannabinoids penetrate much deeper into the skin.

    RSO applied directly to a skin cancer tumor will help. But it will only treat the cancer cells it can reach. If you're not getting the treatment deep enough, try mixing it in DMSO.

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