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Is anyone else having problems with order page only loading half the page


  • Has been a consistent problem for some time now.

  • Ok thanks

  • It’s been over a month since I’ve had any issues at all.

  • I though the same a you Joha but was told in an email from MedBoy that the web page is still a problem according to MB I sent him an email because I ordered Jah Goo from L&C and AOC and they sub"d the Jah Goo out for Yeager which was not on the menu ? and it still is not on the menu, getting tired of making an order for what I want and getting what ever they feel like sending to me wish I could find another legit mail order site !

  • Yeager is on the menu. Been on there for a few weeks. It’s a great strain.

  • Yep outdoor yeager is on the menu now but I ordered indoor which as I said has not been on the menu for the last 4 weeks, and it my be a strain you like but as for me not to impressed.

  • Jaeger. A strain so good, that it deserves to be spelled correctly. :smiley:

  • I thought we had that problem fixed. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache then re-ordering?

  • Just managed to get an order in on the order page. Had to use a "safe browser" on my cell to get the order page to load. Before hitting the submit button the order total was only$5.00, but I hit the submit button anyway and the order totaled right on the next page. Try different browsers and see if one will load it.
    Hopefully the payment confirmation comes through ok.

  • Order form down for LTC. On check out showing amount as INF.

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    Seems highly dependent on which browser you use. Some browsers have almost never failed during these issues while some almost never work.

  • Can't get through--tried different browsers, different laptop...emld, and was told to empty cache, etc. Even emptied all my first party cookies, so have to try to get resigned in everywhere. Just strains on order form; not what I need.)

    About this time yesterday, sent address to MM with order...24 hrs, still no reply, and I'm kind of afraid we'll go into the weekend still not able to order. Anxiety... (have had medical card since July, but in this state we'll be lucky if we finally get dispensaries open THIS July--4 mos from now).

    I'll check back. Sigh.

  • Have you tried safari? Has always worked flawless for me..

  • Thanks. Will try that next.

  • Nope. Downloaded Safari. Says cannot open page because cannot make connection with medicineman.is/.

    Really disapointed. Started trying these a few days ago and was hoping to have it for Easter Break, but although I've tried everything suggested and even sent my order in on the contact form, I can't get a reply.

    You know how it says just send your info on "contact"? Well, I got one reply saying that everybody else got through, suggesting emptying cache and trying again. I did, but since then I wrote twice saying I still can't get in and here's what I'd like to order, but no reply.

    Sigh. It's depressing. Thanks for suggestion, anyway, and if anyone thinks of anything else....

  • Use an android phone .

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    iPhone browser or firefox should definitely work no problem.

    Or maybe its not ur browser. Google changing your dns server to googles and see what happens. Can’t hurt anything.

  • Sorry about the manual orders; my email has been out for almost a week now. If it's not one thing...

  • I did for a few weeks but my last couple orders went smooth and the whole page loaded. Got an email from MB today that they're having problems with the whole site and they hope to have it fixed shortly.

  • Knock wood, the order page always loads sensibly.

  • Order form loads on Chrome but not Firefox for me.

  • That's good info, thanks!

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