Informed Delivery

How accurate is informed delivery? The first time I ordered, it was like the package didn’t exist until it was at my doorstep, and this next one showed up yesterday saying it’s arriving tomorrow(I’m hoping today though)



  • I wouldn't totally rely on it. It's definitely not as accurate/timely as a tracking number, but it's still a helpful tool imo. I've had decent luck with it so far

  • I get a phantom package, "," that pops up periodically, seemingly associated only with cannabis purchases. When I was first experimenting with buying online rather than dispensaries, and before I found this site, in a time called the Dark Ages, I used a site that was something about exotic "mario carts," whatever those are. It was ok. For awhile I bought stuff with credit cards. Anyway, that was their thing. "" would show up. Now, and I haven't used them since late last year, every once in a while a "ghost" of one of those packages will show up. But it's not real. I get paranoid because it seems to be associated with this site, but it's hard to say because of the regularity with which these MM packages move through their system. ID tracks things for me with 95% accuracy, except the occasional relic from past shipments, which I now know to ignore.

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    That happened with my first one after signing up. Didn't register at all. But the next two showed up as stated.
    What Sloane said.

  • I find that it only really works about half the time...

  • _I can pretty much see it as soon as they make the label. The dates are mostly accurate. sometimes they miss scans, or even send it around in circles locally.

  • It's scary it's been so accurate for me. Then others say it never works go figure.

  • over the past 3 years Informed Delivery has been fairly consistent for me here in the Southeast Coast. Last 3/4 weeks however have been poor with numerous missed scan points. Right now have had order in pre-shipment for almost 3 days with no updates ! Highly unusual for either Medman site or USPS. I suspect the Coronavirus may be an issue. Hopefully today I get an update to relieve some anxiety I am experiencing. At 70, in self-isolation w/wife to be low on medicine with a delay in delivery compounds everything. However we count our blessings as both of us show no symptoms as of today ! all the best to everyone!

  • @laspace - Mine's also been in pre-shipment since Tuesday and that's very unusual for Loud. I'm thinking ID might indeed be having issues.

  • I can just see mine sitting on a table in someone's basement. Come on Loud ! Get back on it .

  • My package just showed on in informed delivery says it’s from Cali, weird, normally it says it’s from Washington, then again I’ve never bought from med mama until now

  • Med Mama is out of CA. Loud is out of WA. We went several months where nothing showed up on ID. After two consecutive weeks of accurate ID service, nothing this week. That said, that's three weeks in a row that we ordered Sunday and received delivery on Thursday! ID is great when it works, but as long as my packages keep showing up we're happy!

  • Don't forget Weather played a part in loud delivery not too long ago!!!

  • We ordered from Loud last Friday and got confirmation same day. But no ID and still nada in the mail as of Thursday. They're usually a lot quicker but I imagine there's a ton of orders right now.
    Still it makes it hard to wait when you've got nothing to go on. But these guys always come through so I'm not sweating it...😌

  • ID hasn't worked for me so far. I thought it did for my first order but it was something else I ordered and forgot about but, my order did arrive on the same day. From loud it took 4 days, and never showed on ID and didn't show a label. From med mama it's going on the 6th day, and not showing on ID.

    I'm not worried about it because I know it will show up, I just like watching it through the shipping process.

  • Oderd Monday informed delivery says label printed that's it hasn't changed since Monday

  • Same here winston, frustrating.only site where I'd is so sketchy.

  • I've signed up for ID, but I've yet to see a MM package show up on it. No complaints, though, they always arrive.

  • My order still showing a label printed on the 1st not changed says still waiting on package . one thing I did pick up on was the insurance starts at 50 dollers then when it's shipped gos to 100 that's the only change on informed iv noticed placed order on April 30

  • Winston, I have the same issue. I ordered from MM on March 30 and label was created on the 1st. ID says still waiting on pkg.

  • March 30 th. I mean

  • Received an order today from MM that tracked without issue to my P.O. Box
    Sour diesel &royal kush

  • Received package from mm today also, informed delivery worked half ass, package disappeared for a day, then said was arriving late, all screwed up, have another order that hasn't showed up on I'd yet.order was from last Wednesday. One that showed up today was ordered last Monday

  • Hey jj213,
    I'm very curious to know how those MedMama greenhouse selections work out for you.

  • @georgetirebiter i have been working on this spliff of sour diesel since I wrote the other post
    The buds are very fresh and moist burns very nice and it’s sour diesel.
    Don’t think I will make it to kush tonight but buds are fresh no smalls and are pretty I am not good at reviewing but this is some A grade bud

  • Good to hear an alternate view of things jj213. My reaction to it was schizophrenic. Bud that young felt...illegal.

  • I actually like that racing feeling you get from sativas
    The kush I smoked this am nice body high had me moving a little sluggish.

  • The wiring of the brain never ceases to amaze me...XJ-13 takes me to the edge of stability, for example, but that Sour was too much, too quick.

    Calibration...there's a word that has something to do with it...

  • Is there a trick to getting informed delivery to work or recognize a package or label creation?

    I set it up the exact same way I give my address when placing orders but still nothing.

    I'm not worried about getting my order, they always come through. I like to monitor where it goes and it also gives me an eta on the package.

    @georetirebiter too little too much reminds me of the first time I tried edibles haha. It was "Um, I think I need to go lay down for a bit" haha

  • @Jdtokes I'm not sure how it works exactly, or if there is anything you can do from your end to make a package appear on your dashboard, that is all done automatically via package scans. But if I remember correctly, Informed Delivery isn't even available in all places, which tells me the quality of the service may depend on where you live (people in rural areas might get intermittent Informed Delivery or none at all).
    Of course none of this would be a problem if Medman started issuing tracking numbers, but for security purposes it's a necessary evil.

  • @Stab_Snipers you make a good point. I do kind of live in a rural area but have some major cities in a few directions around me.

    The only thing I would really even want from ID is to use it to get an estimated ETA on things.

    Yeah, I'm 100% ok not having the tracking number. I know it will be here sometime.

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