Website Secure?

Don’t know what might have changed and I trust my VPN, but my browser now shows “Not Secure” for this board. Anything new or did I somehow miss the http all this time?


  • Showing https with a 🔒 icon in safari on my iPhone.

  • On my browser it's showing a green https which is secure.

    Sometimes when images or other forms of content are uploaded to a https site it makes the site not secure because the upload "could" contain bad code.

    Safari and other browsers don't bother to check what made a https site all of a sudden be a "not secure" site.
    They just like to scare the hell out of you.

    If you have good protection on your computer, you should be okay.

    P.S. What the website must do is download the new image or content that causes the not secure warning, re-name it then upload it again from their computer which should fix the "not secure" warning.

    On my website; I don't even bother changing the images anymore because it's a pain in the ass when you are dealing with dozens of images and new content daily.

  • Thanks, people! I feel better now; just like to know who is in the audience.

  • Thanks Vince, that's good advice. I'll pass it on to our tech guy.

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