Speedy ship time this week from WA

Ordered Sour Tangie Monday AM and received order Thursday shipped 1500 miles from Washington. Killer


  • My shipping time has gone to complete crap. Five days. Up from four. Kids today.

  • Lol...last three orders were 4 days...my 5th Element and Slurricane came today in 5 days! Looking forward to trying some new strains!

  • Four days to Fla.

  • 8 days and counting.. Loud

  • 5 days to Az. Seems to be their "normal" with me from Wa. They've speeded up. I remember months back it used to average 8 days from them.

  • I believe I got the last batch of outdoor Lemon Kush, placed the order 4/1 and received it today, 4/6. That is 3 days earlier than normal for me :smile:
    Also got a free joint of Sour Tangie, saving this beast for 4/20!

  • 9 days....no joy

  • 14 days tomorrow on the 1 order , and 5
    days on the other and no joy here neither ...

  • Same here still haven't got mine . 14 days

  • I think were all looking at a 1 to 2 weeks set back, with all the the Coronavrus going on, and the mail slow down. We all need to chill and get use to it for the time being.

  • I ordered Loud&co on the 4th. Informed delivery says Label created on the 8th. Accepted at post office of origin with an ETA of the 13th (Monday).

  • I don't understand I placed order on the 30 th and got payment confirmation from loud and informed on 1st still saying wanting on packing and others are receiving there orders so am just hoping to get mine soon

  • Sour tangie is what I ordered and boy I need it

  • Ordered Sunday and just received it today. MM always delivers!

  • Iv been ordering for 7 yrs and never not rec'd

  • Yes, we always deliver but the USPS is running behind and so is Med Mama. It's the virus that's mostly to blame...

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