Purple Urkle and Purple Diesel

Just made a purchase from Loud I'm new to these 2 strains, can anyone let me know how it smokes? Smell n taste? Thanks guys


  • Love the Purple Urkle!! Ordered and smoked A LOT of Purple Urkle over the past couple of years. It's a pretty strong indica that's awesome for melting into the couch watching TV or just some serious relaxing. It's definitely an evening/bedtime strain. I've used it to help with sleep, but I've found other strains that have been more sedating...Grape Ape and 5th Element.

  • I've absolutely loved purple diesel. I have about another dime bag left of it and I'll be sad when it's gone. It's such an uplifting happy high. It smells like a typical diesel and is so powerfully strong smelling. One of the best outdoors I've had, other than the Jaeger.

  • Never tied the Purple Diesel...I tend to avoid sativas and sativa dominant hybrids. I found Purple Urkle one of the best outdoors I've had...other than the Jager! Wonderful stuff that outdoor Jager! I still have 5-6 thumb sized buds!

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, sounds like some really good stuff, can't wait! You guys stay safe out there , and blaze on!

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