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I made an order last Friday with which I got the automated response for the Bitcoin address to send it to. since then I have heard nothing. I normally receive a message saying the coin was received and order being processed. Does anyone know what's going on?


  • I would send a message to medman, it could be a error that they revived it and approved it but you never got one, or the wrong amount was sent.

  • If you don't get payment confirmation within 3 hours of sending the Bitcoin, you should reach out to them using the contact form.

  • Also agree.

  • I did, I also sent the confirmation number I received when they accepted my bitcoin payment. Hopefully, this will help things go smoother as I have never had a problem with an order from them. I appreciate what they do. I will keep y'all posted. Thank you for the replies.
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  • I once had an order where I never got confirmation, but after about a week of contacting medman and going back and forth, it just showed up at my door.

  • strange. - though I did give the confirmation number showing they accepted my payment. I haven't heard from them since the one email I received this morning asking me to clarify what my question was - that was when I sent the confirmation information. I use green wallet so I get confirmations on everything. I highly recommend if you use bitcoin to use green wallet.

  • Same thing happening. Made order. Received confirmation and amount to send Sent money via Coinbase. Coinbase shows being sent. Eight hours later no conformation from MedMan they received payment.

  • well I have had 1 conversation with them today and that was it. so I am hoping. I am sorry to hear it happened to you as well. It is my hopes and from past experience with MedMan that the issue will be resolved.

  • Medboy,
    we need some help here.

  • I've been having email problems since Sunday, that's probably affecting the automated emails too. Hopefully the tech dude can fix the issue by tomorrow. Sorry for these delays!

  • I just received an email a little over an hour ago asking me a question about bitcoin. I hope I was best able to answer the question as I am definitely not the foremost authority on bitcoin. I would post the message here but it has transaction id's and such that don't belong on a public forum.

  • Lucky you. I submitted a request through comments yesterday about a payment that was sent but no confirmation from response yet.

  • ok so Update for everyone and I am sorry I should have said this earlier but Medman delivered so I have no complaint. It seems the system may be going through some changes and even in the midst they are still getting deliveries out so I want to Thank The MedMen for being so Awesome :)


  • I also got a response from Medboy acknowledging payment was received.

  • I reloaded my order page last night after I paid and it generated a repeat order but never had this issue.

  • just keep the faith. From my own personal experience, I can say you will get your order.

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