Cannot Place Order Via Bank Deposit

Tried to place an order with Med Mamma by making a deposit at the bank this morning and the teller told me the bank account (the one issued to me on Bitquick) was locked and there was no way to accept my cash deposit. Is everything sold out and the website hasn't been updated or is there a problem with the account?


  • That sucks. Find another seller or use Coinbase.

    My last bitcoin purchase with Coinbase via bank account was instant and that was the first time it was ever instant. Surprised me.

    Hope that helps.

  • How do I find a different seller? Every time I place an order Medman auto-generates a wallet ID and it's linked back to the same bank account account every time, even if I try to buy from a different shipper.

  • Coinbase is what I use can link it to a debit card for instant access or I think 5-10 days for bank account..I’ve never had an issue.

  • I'm definitely switching over to Coinbase, thanks for the help guys!

  • Coinmama works well for me. Don't need to mess around with a wallet. Just pay and put in the MM wallet.

  • Think that's an issue with bitquick. You deposit money into a random bitcoin owner's account and then once they receive your deposit they move the bitcoins to the address you submit. Try a different bank in your area that will have a different account to deposit the cash which may work.

  • I use Coinmama. Pay with debit card, and they send it to the MM wallet you are given at checkout. Easy and fast.

  • We use Coinbase, same thing, pay with debit card and they send it. The whole order/payment process usually takes 15-30 minutes, from the time we start typing in the order form to payment confirmation by MM.

  • Their all correct about Coinbase ! Their #1 I think ! instant with debit card .

  • I like coinmama, I can do it right from the couch!

  • I've had zero issues with coinbase. Usually transfers are instant.

  • Switch to coinmama

  • I don't like Bitquick myself. But the thing about them is that they have multiple vendors. So if that one bank account is locked, then you can find a new bid from a different vendor.

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