Am on 15 days today I haven't give up


  • 16 days for me. I'm a patient person but jeez this is getting annoying.

  • Both of you should write me through the contact form. I've had email issues this week but they should be fixed by tomorrow so I can get back to you then. I hope.

  • Thanks @medboy
    I've been in touch and heard from you Monday but not since then. I see why now. Thank you

  • Same here medboy I have full confidence in this site .

  • 16 days and counting am about to give up

  • Mail today and 0 package

  • @medboy is email still down? I'd love to get tracking on my package. I'm at 18 days now.

  • I wasn't counting WK.ends am @ 18 today and nothing

  • 14 days taday for me to 😷

  • Heard back last night. They said my package was marked as lost and resent. That either means it was accidentally never sent, or there's a package of goods floating around with my name on it D:
    Either way, hopefully something's on the way here now and wherever the other one ended up, it's not with the cops.

  • I herd back last night and there checking mine now thanks for the information

  • @Winston it arrived today! What a wait! But it's true, they always deliver, and if something's wrong they'll make it right. Happy 4/20 my friend.

  • Great ! glad to hear that ! Mine shd be here taday or so to then.

  • 17 days and counting ... I already messaged medboy thru contact form hopefully he can help me out to figure out where this package is

  • Came taday !😊

  • So happy you guys are getting your packages! I know how stressful it is waiting and feeling like you've been abandoned and ripped off.

  • Never felt riped off 1 time from MM, never ! Stressed a little, but that come's
    along with it, but their's still real people in the world that are honest and caring ! And I'm just thankful for them !

  • Still waiting on mine not in mail today

  • Medboy will take care of it tho either way

  • @kmoles glad you received urs . Hopefully mine will be here soon

  • Made a comment on another thread that I had a package in limbo with Med Mama. It arrived today 1st class mail w no tracking # so didn't show with Informed Delivery, which is no problem with me. Thank You Med Mama and MM

  • @Winston I'm pretty sure I communicated with you about this over email already.

  • Medboy yes I did talk to you that post was made on 17th that is a old one . And thanks for all the help

  • Mm and mb always come through. To anyone that's new and has ordered are thinking about it . You won't find anywhere that's more honest than thses group of guys ..

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