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Anyone on the site heard from medboy ?


  • Not since Monday, and I'm waiting to hear back about a missing order. I hope all is well

  • It definitely would be prudent to show up and make a post about why he's not contacting anyone and why there's no strains to buy. Basically letting people know wtf is going on.

  • @Sixwaychili that's why I'm wondering if everything is okay. They've always been amazingly fast at responding in the past and I've never waited for 3 weeks for a delivery like this. I'm worried.

  • I read in the past that they've had issues with their email. Maybe this is another case?

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    It is not an excuse that if you get no email that you cannot check this forum once in a week, especially when there are zero strains to buy on the site.

  • True, but I was more meaning for the contact system on the site.

  • I'm here. My email has been out this week! I hope it will be back up tomorrow, sorry.

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