Slow orders!

There has been a number of threads regarding slow orders. Placed and order on the 11th and Med Mama has not even bothered to print the shipping label yet. Past orders with Mad Mama have been pretty consistent. Place an order,shipping label almost always printed within 24 hours or so, (Never really timed it) and shipping occurs within 3 days of the label being printed. Usually a 8 day process from start to finish. There record with me is 4 days which was my last order. I ordered on a Thursday night, shipped Friday and had Monday!!
Now, I'm not one to just except excuses of MM without some thought. So, I looked into the possible cause's of the amount of Pkg's that just have not shipped, arrived or stuck in limbo land with nobody giving a decent answers to the customers concerns. In my opinion the Postal Service should not be having issues as the mail volume is way down to nothing because of the economic shut down. Even with COVID19 they should not behind the 8 ball like they are. Used work with USPS. But, I am wrong. Below I have put link to some kind of USPS blog. You will be stunned with the amount of complaints about packages. Many stemming from California. I think reading this link may put some of you at ease with whats happening to your orders, which is two fold. Getting stock and the USPS. Plus, individual shippers need to stay healthy as well. Follow the link and read the blog toward the bottom of the page, lots of people have packages that appear not to be moving at all in some areas of the country like Cali. All I can say is hang in there. Hopefully this eases some minds, wont feel any better though!


  • You'd think there was a pandemic and people just got thousand(s) of dollars and bought consumer goods Nationwide or something!?

  • It's just weird that all my other mail seems to be arriving quickly, yet I'm still waiting on this one package ordered on March 30th. I've had other mail arrive within days, and yet with this order I'm at almost three weeks now.
    Maybe the issue is that it's coming from California? But I also don't get why so many other people here are saying they ordered and got delivery within days. It's frustrating. I'm stuck at home experiencing severe anxiety and depression.
    Also sucks that medboy's email is down. I know it's not their fault and they're doing their best, but what a terrible time to not be able to get in touch with them.

  • I had no disruption of service whatsoever, with my Loud orders, during the month of April. For those who did have problems at end of March and into April, I'd explain it away with the old, "random mail bag" excuse. Some bags get picked up and move smoothly and some don't. It really sucks. I feel for all of you out there waiting...

  • From what I can tell, many USPS packages are not getting scanned by the post office. I don't know whether this is because of precautions they're taking against COVID, or what. I'd imagine that postal employees are at great risk at their jobs, handling hundreds of packages daily.

  • If they're not getting scanned, does that mean they're just sitting there stalled in a distribution center, or could they be skipping this step in the process?

  • I placed an order on Sunday the 19th, payment went through as I got the email confirmation. I order from Loud as Med Mama didn't have any flowers. I have not recieved any notification via ID that even a label was created. This I my second order and I hope that I get the order. If is that they ran out of flowers, it would be nice if they let us know. I have severe Fibromyalgia, anxiety and PTSD, this is the only thing that calms everything down and am anxiously waiting for the delivery. The fisrt order came in 4 days but it was from Mama and it did show up on ID so am wondering why this time is different. I truly hope that it arrives soon.

  • @mpou10 I know its hard but try meditation. I have been without bud for at least 2 months now and Im barely hanging on. The withdrawal has been so bad. Try working out or doing some physical activity to keep your mind off it. Play video games or watch moviies. I hope that helps bro stay safe god bless

  • @meryjanelover11 Thank you so much! I have been doing everything that you just mentioned and honestly that's is the only thing keeping me going. I hope the issue with your order gets resolved soon and that everything is ok with mine. Stay safe!

  • I find that many orders get delivered without getting scanned so I'd say almost all of them are moving. It's rare to see one truly stuck.

  • @medboy I'm almost at the 10 buisness day mark and although I know my order will come eventually I think it would ease my worries and others if we could just have some kind of access to tracking, I Know that of I just knew it was at least sorta on the way I'd feel way better

  • @medboy its true my first order from Loudnco is on the way and its getting scanned way less than my medmama order

  • I ordered the night of 4/23 and got a payment confirmation pretty fast, but not one scan from USPS. Im really hoping MedMama sent it out the next day (Fri) and USPS just hasnt scanned it at all but you never know. I know MM always delivers, but boy the idea of waiting more than 20 days for an order is not something id like. 😂😭

  • @Alecope8 im still getting ID scans. Both packages should be here monday but im praying the one from loudnco comes early

  • @Alecope8 I received two orders this week from two shippers and non was scanned. So, USPS operation right now is not on point. You might want to contact mm to see if they can tell what is going on.

  • I'm confused about the lack of scanning. The first thing on ID is "Label Created", which is a manual creation done by the shippers on UPSP' website. That doesn't need to be scanned. Is it true that a label can be created without being automatically put into ID? It's not like anything can be shipped without a label.

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