Diamond Question

Diamonds look amazing and I can't wait to try them out.

A few questions I have about them though, what is the best method of use? Or what is your preferred method?

Are they vapable? Could they be put into distillate?


  • I’m pretty sure they are capable, I’d say use a dab rig and a quartz banger to get your moneys worth.

  • Dabbing is best. You can also vape them if you have an atomizer style vape pen.

  • Are there any you'd recommend? I have a vessel battery, do you know any that would work for it?

  • Yocan I think is cheap and good quality. Use as "dab" pen and dry vape. Dual chambers

  • Get you a Pico 25, a SAI atomizer with a Molecule (Saicule) coil. Lights out!

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    I sprinkle on top of nugs in a bowl or bong. They are really easy to work with. I’ve tired of them after a year though, very powerful but seems synthetic/chemmy tasting due to high refinement I guess. It’s a “dry” pull from a taste perspective but adding equal parts of terp sauce or mixing with live resin helped. I prefer juicy waxes nowadays.

  • I dab with a lovely $20 glass turtle thing with a metal nail (bought off Amazon a year ago came from China took 3 weeks) and an inexpensive camping propane tank with an attachment to heat the tip. Easy peasy and cheap. A pic would be easier I suppose.....got some MAC diamond resin....what Pandemic? Lol

  • A little "stimulation" is supposed to be coming my way this weekend! I've got to try Diamonds.

  • Yeah me too! I'm still waiting on it to show up but I can't wait!

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