I happened again....sigh!

Well my impatience got ahold of me again and I compulsive bought again!

I wanted to wait until some new strains hit the page but, I got to reading the descriptions and ended up placing an order.

Just looked at the page again, and now medmama has quite a few new strains on the site.

Needless to say it's very frustrating that I do that lol but, at the same time, I'm sure the site employees don't mind! Haha!

Ok ok ok I need a strain to keep me from doing that! Any suggestions? Does anyone else have this problem?


  • Heavy indica lol

  • Lol I can certainly relate,,last time I was on here to get flower it was very limited and I could of waited but started reading the descriptions and looking at the discount and just couldn't wait,, luckily all the strains I've ever ordered get the job done so not too big of a deal

  • The only strain I haven't liked lately is grasshopper and la pop rocks....purple urkle was fire..purple punch fire..

  • Oh my. More outdoors! But I'm so well off with Mothers Milk...

  • I'm trying to not buy Diamonds. I just got a nice stash..

  • I've never tried diamonds but have some on order. I'm sure they'll be awesome, but I'm still not 100% sure about how I want to use them.

  • Got a dab rig. Yocan vape. Going to go over a bowl a few times as well.... In the future.

  • Are they really outdoor strains? From the Sour Diesel description: "This organic greenhouse grow produced extremely pungent nugs of medium density, nice clean trim and good crystal coating."

    Are they re-using the menu description from the last Sour Diesel, a greenhouse offering? Or is it really outdoor? I'm guessing the former, based on the season and earlier reports that Outdoor is done for the season...

  • I did the same I made a order and the next day more bud was posted

  • edited April 2020

    I’m totally ocd about weed too. More of a fear of missing out or running out. I literally have somewhere around 3/4 elbow in multiple strains sitting in the safe plus a healthy stash of wax and diamonds. So I went ahead and bought 8g cement Shoes wax last week and picked up 2 zips of mama’s new outdoor entries last night 🙄

    Bubba kush is one of my holy grail strains and Docs OG was too tempting. Stimulus check is on the way so fuckit. Just don’t tell the wife... I think I’ve helped the shippers each buy a small car in the last 18 months, at least a used one 🤣

  • Haha that pretty much sums it up almost to the T!

  • Guilty! I love getting weed in the mail. I love a fresh new bag. I love this site lol

  • Received Mama’s GSC today.. straight 🔥 as expected!!

  • They been going quick. I am waiting for 2 now. 1 last sat 1 on fri. It may be surprise time. Ordered outdoor agent orange and headband from loud. Headband was off of menu like 2 hours after order and agent was off that afternoon. Got a order in for the trainwreck in and it came down very shortly thereafter. Did not put second choice on them. So i guess its dealers choice. Will be happy with anything since its all good. Hoping i got in in time for those strains. We shall see said the blind man. It is keeping me wondering about whats coming. In a good way!

  • I will be disappointed if I don't get to try the Trainwreck.

  • Received the agent orange and lemon haze. Mac and birthday cake
    Agent orange and birthday cake are lovely
    Mac I am not impressed may have to try as 1st smoke of day
    Lemon haze is nice 👍🏿

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