Smoking CBD flower what’s it like?

I’ll be honest I’m skeptical about trying this given that it doesn’t get u high. What do you feel? Is it enjoyable or more just for relief of symptoms?


  • @Joha Cbd is in no way shape or form for fun. It's simply for "recovery" and ailments. Imagine the worst reggie you ever smoked... smoking cbd wont even get you to that level of a buzz. Its nothing. Its like smoking leaves it will do nothing for you in the sense of getting high. There is no feeling. Its like smoking leaves or twigs

  • @Joha inmy state even medicinal weed is illegal but CBD is legal. That should be all you need to know to see what im trying to say. It wont get you even a little high. Its nohing

  • @maryjanelover11, check out one of the CBD flower subreddits. I don't spend a lot of time there, but hundreds of people there would disagree that its "nothing" or "like smoking leaves or twigs."

    @Joha, here's a thread I started on the topic:

  • @maryjanelover11, I'm with george, I've done my own testing and in my experience, the CBD flower I've smoked looked and tasted as good as most THC strains. It has had a positive impact on my anxiety, and without a doubt (and somewhat surprisingly because I did not expect it) got me somewhat high. I have had repeat experiences with three separate CBD strains. I've also mixed them with THC strains with positive personal results.

  • @georgetirebiter if the cbd is a "balanced" type then it will have a good amount of thc in it. Im not talking about that. Im talking about pure CBD that has zero or 0.9% thc. If you get buzzed off that you must be a light smoker.

  • @TheProfessor Like i said to @georgetirebiter it depends on the level of THC in the CBD. CBD in the states like mine have absolutely zero thc in them or such a small percent it doesn't affect anything. I do remember a certain CBD strain called balance my friend used to get that is a balance between CBD and THC... In that case yes you can get high. Im talking about pure Hemp CBD. If smoking pure hemp CBD gets you high I don't know what to tell you lol

  • @maryjanelover11, yes I'm aware of the different categories and distinctions. You really need to try it for yourself. That way you could square your experience with your own definition of getting "high."

    The current menu has both options you're alluding to. Lifter is what you call "pure hemp." It's cannabis like any other, but bred to have less than 0.3% THC. (On offer, also, from time to time, is Special Sauce in this category.) Then there's offerings like Super Silver Haze (and Healer and Harle-tsu when they're in stock). These have THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio (like the one your friend had). Around 7% THC, typically, and about the same or more CBD. Anyway, I get high on both of them, to varying degrees, and in ways that are hard to distinguish. To say that high-CBD flower varies considerably is to put it mildly. Many vendors, many strains.

    @TheProfessor, I've been experimenting, also, with high-CBG flower, the "other" psychoactive cannabinoid-containing weed. The buds are delicate and wispy, very light-colored. They accentuate the sleepiness of my nighttime strains.

  • I find that the effect is very subtle. I can see why some folks claim there's no high. There is one, though. It's just much more nuanced.

  • Reports on med mama's cbd strains anybody? These are pure hemp plant flowers Im guessing. The descriptions sure read there is a high at the end of the rainbow but I'm skeptical, any of the predominantly cbd products Ive tried didnt do a thing to me, some almost made me kinda nauseous. If this is all natural flower though i'd still give it a shot.

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    I'm not a fqn of cbd. Maybe if I had loss of appetite it would be ok. If im going to eat a weeks worth of sammwiches in a day i want to be high too.

    1. CBD works for me. It works both topically and if I vape it in a cartridge or vape the flower. I will mix in 25% CBD into my grinder and pax it all up.
    2. I also use full CBD tincture or 1:1 in a tincture but always have CBD around for newb buddies who can't handle sativas to bring them off the ledge.
    3. The super silver haze is something I would like to try soon. My friends send me Hawaiian haze and CBD calms me down and prevents me from escalating my stress past a certain level.
  • Yeah now that I have access to weed again thanks to MM I dont even care for CBD anymore

  • I had a thread on CBD a while ago (

    I'm now smoking CBG flower (and getting my CBD through kief toppings in joints and bowls). CBD is white-looking and crumbles in your fingers. It calms my muscle contractions. I smoke it by itself now for that purpose. People will say, "well all weed is good for muscle spasms," and that may be true; but this stuff is uniquely good for it, in my experience. It had another, unexpected, benefit: at the time I started smoking it by itself, I had a cough...lung-busting. I wondered whether it was COVID-19; shortly after beginning with the CBG, my lungs feel great. No coughing. No shortness of breath.

    In conclusion, CBG bud prevents COVID-19. You can quote me on that, George T. Tirebiter.

  • CbGeorgeous!

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