Bud Sample Pack

Are we allowed to select bud from either one of the shippers?


  • no just from loud and company medmama does not look like she is doing it yet

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    Med Mama has a sampler pack now! I need to stay away from the site for a bit now lol. So many choices though!

  • Yes, this is correct. Each shipper is only offering samplers of their own strains. So if you choose Loud, you can pick only Loud strains for the sampler, and if you pick Med Mama you can only choose Med Mama sampler strains. Or you could order a sampler from each and get a smorgasbord!

  • I'm so happy about this option. Can we just leave the comments blank or write "you pick"?

  • I've left sample choices to shippers' discretion before and haven't lost. Nice mystery as to what my joints/gummies etc. will be.

  • Mikey > Yes for sure

  • Nice way to try out 4 different premium strains!

  • So when you order the sample pack, you list your top 4 choices along with 2 alternatives in the comment section of the order form, correct?

  • im about to go broke ordering the new strains look amazing

  • I just noticed that it says you can choose only 1 premium strain for the 4 bud sample pack. I guess the other 3 are supposed to be the regular stuff. But currently MedMamma only has 2 varieties on the regular strain menu. All the rest are listed as premium strains. How does this work?

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    @Rockafire If they only have 2 regular strains, pick those two and 4 premiums. Maybe you'll get lucky. Even explain what you did in the comments. Also, I'm afraid I blew this with the comment I made above since it was changed after that comment. Though I'm sure they would have stopped it as soon as people started doing it.

  • yeah, if they want to charge a couple of extra bucks for a sampler of their premium strains that would ok by me. They both seem to have a larger variety of their premium strains.

  • Yeah sixwaychili...your fault! lol. Rockafire I am sure the shippers would include premium if that is all they had or I know they often have small amounts of stuff that is not enough to list. The thing is that we could add "premium sampler pack" but I am wary of too much order form bloat.

  • What am I missing? I thought $20/g would cover indoor and premium.

  • They're talking about the 4 strain above^

  • Got it MikeyC; I knew I must've missed something simple.

  • There are so many nice premium strains on med mamas menu right now the sampler pack being limited to 1 premium is slightly annoying. I get it but damn, I want 4 prem samples, not 1 lol. All 4 strains I'd like to try is prem and I'm not sure what will come with my other samplers I ordered. One of the samplers I got had 2 strains I already had that I didn't list on the order form.

    I'm trying to fight the urge to place an order...the Hawaiian Punch, Blueberry Muffins, Watermelon Kush, and orange Creamsicle or orange citrus kush look really good. Louds menu looks good too.

    Sigh...decisions decisions...

  • @Jdtokes if my order comes in the mornig like ID says it should Im going to order some loudnco immediately. If you got the money... do it. As they say good times is never wasted time. What is life anyways. Smoke up and enjoy. As long as it wont hurt your wallet tho ... but i should add im hammere out of my mind right now so maybe not the best time to guve advic

  • @maryjanelover11 haha yeah! I placed an order a few minutes ago. I've been eating edibles all day long so I know what you mean.

  • Received my first bud sample pack from Loud yesterday! ..1 g ea of Cotton Candy Kush, Grapefruit Kush, Grape Ape, and Xj-13..all fantastic looking buds..the Grape Ape is exactly what he name implies..taste like grape and makes you feel like a big guerrilla lol.next time this rolls around I’m grabbing a larger amount..

  • @georgetirebiter never heard about Cotton candy kush from you. How was it? I'm guessing grapefruit will be on the menu soon? I'd like to try that

  • @MizterNiceGuy, I tried it once; didn't blow me away. Still getting to know it. I do recall it tasting quite nice.

  • @MizterNiceGuy, I really, really like the Cotton Candy Kush. If it comes around again, it's a must-buy for me. Anything tastes that good, I want to have it around! Also: good medicine. It has immediate head impact and sustained grooviness.

  • @georgetirebiter it takes me awhile to fully experience a strain sometimes. One day it could be "okay" but after a few sessions, days even, you'll start to love "or hate" a specific strain.

  • @georgetirebiter i believe Loud reloaded strains we were both wanting..yesterday I placed a reorder for the XJ-13 which is incredible..the sampler packs really help btw..but I was bummed to see Grape Ape gone..then today there it is! So another order..😎

  • I smoked so much of that XJ-13! And still thinking about ordering again...that is the true measure of a strain, to me, @superman38NC. The ones that are like sirens, burglars in my mind...is the new batch as good as the last? Loud's stuff keeps getting better...

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    lol I keep hearing that alarm go off too! So many good strains lately..if I keep up this pace it's possible I may qualify as a shipper 😜

    I had a sample of the purple jack a month or so ago that really turned me back on to JackHerer..when I saw that XJ-13 was a child of JH and your recommendations I knew I couldn't go wrong..and honestly the sample nugs I received exceeded appearance as to what's posted..can't wait to get a full 1/8th..also waiting on Grape Ape and 1 G of Grapefruit Kush..both amazing terps and effects..

  • @georgetirebiter @superman38NC i hate to see the XJ 13 come down. I put an order in last night for an 1/8th, I hope I get it. I put no subs but if they are out there are out. That’s been some of the favorite herb I’ve gotten from Loud. Top 3.

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