My Order?

@medman Do you think you guys will have time to respond to my email I sent yesterday regarding my missing order? Would be awesome to know what's happening....thank you so much!



  • @medman @medboy sent my 2nd email attempt through the contact form guys. Looking forward to an update :)

  • Supposed to finallly get one today buuuuut noooooo. Frustrating.

  • @Theboyua That sucks. Hopefully it shows up soon. Just to update - @medboy reached out to me via email and is working on finding out the status of my order. I hope the news isn't bad, but either way, have to thank the crew for responding to me.

  • @medman @medboy Just wanted to see if you guys could follow up about my order...I haven’t heard back from anyone after the initial email response yesterday morning. Thank you very much.

  • @TheCaptain not trying to sound like a dick or anything but this forum isn’t for getting help with problems with orders, it will probably just slow it down, your best bet is to use the contact forum, now I know it’s not the most reliable thing as sometimes it takes them a couple days to reply, but the same goes for this forum page, MM and MB don’t check this daily, maybe every 2-3 days, hopefully this helps a little, and don’t worry, your order WILL show up!

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    @liarliar03 I hear ya. And yes, I did send my original emails through the contact form before posting here, but had no reply until yesterday (nothing in my SPAM box either so don't mention that please). So I just post here to understand other customers' experience in this type of situation. I'm not mad at anyone; I just really just want to know what happened. If @LoudnCo messed up and missed my order from the end of April, then it would be great to know that. At least I know what happened and when a replacement will be coming etc...but as is now, all I know is I paid and nothing after that.

  • @justaguy I was reading that thread earlier ironically lol

  • And just to be clear, as soon as I get my previous order or a replacement, I will definitely be ordering again immediately lol :smile: The quality of product from @LoudnCo and the whole MM crew is just amazing in my opinion.

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    Waiting on my replacement order for one I put in with emerald budz on May 1. I've written twice on the contact form this week. No reply yet. Holding up on ordering anything further till this one gets taken care of.

  • @JaymeeG I feel your pain. Hopefully you get an update soon

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    Update - mail was delivered again today without my order from @LoudnCo. Truly disappointing :/

  • Hate that for you bro. When did you order?

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    @Theboyua my payment was confirmed on 4/30 in the early AM. After that, nothing lol I just wish I knew if it was even shipped or not.

  • @TheCaptain I hope you get your order bro I know how frustrating it can be to just wait not knowing if its even on the way. did you try signing up with informed delivery?

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    @maryjanelover11 Yes. I have been using ID since way back. I have only ordered from @LoudnCo, and have never had anything updated from them on any previous orders. Up until now, my orders would just show up within 5-6 days max (including weekends and holidays).

    This is why it seems so odd to me:

    Nothing has changed on my end as far as ordering goes. I placed my order and paid immediately (my Bitcoin payment was confirmed by the MM crew within a few minutes of my payment as usual).

    My shipping info is the same, and I always triple check that my address is correct including the extra digits for the postal code as usual.

    But unfortunately, I dunno what happened with my order this time. I just wish I knew what is going on . :/

  • @TheCaptain It might have gotten seized or lost. I really hope it works out for you bro this can be very stressful. let us know what happens please

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    @maryjanelover11 That is my worst fear. Besides the fact that my address and info is on that package, I don't even know if @medman would send me a replacement or not. I'm still waiting for an update from @medboy regarding my order. He did reply to one of my emails, but that was about a day and a half ago. I understand them being busy and all of that and don't blame them, but it is a little disheartening not to know anything. :/

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    @maryjanelover11 If it was seized, I've heard that sometimes the law will try to do a controlled delivery where they will try to get you to sign for the package. In the case that did happen; I know I will NOT sign for anything and refuse to take the package. Is there anything else I should do as well?

    Anyone with knowledge about this; please feel free to share your knowledge. :)

  • @TheCaptain I really doubt it was seized, but if it was just say you didn’t order anything. And don’t sign for anything. You’ll be fine.

  • @Theboyua Yep; I would definitely do that. I highly doubt this would ever happen, but I have read about law NOT attempting to get a signature and instead inserting wired devices that trigger a silent alarm once the package has been opened.

    So I guess if it does show up, maybe I shouldn't open it for a few days just in case lol

  • I hope its not the dreaded misdirected mail this is almost always fatal,sad to say .
    Never make inquiries to the USPS of your missing package another fatal condition . 30

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    @BigOtis Thanks for the input. I know not to do that as well and never would, but great advice nonetheless. Could you elaborate on the misdirected mail? I know what it means, but could you elaborate on what you mean by it being "fatal"? lol Thanks!

  • See post about "Interesting info ". 30

  • @TheCaptain im pretty sure by fatal he means prison time or basically being caught

  • @maryjanelover11 Yes, I sort of figured that, but don't know why a misdirected package would be fatal since you wouldn't receive it lol

  • Fatal means either destroyed or sold at auction . 30

  • ahh that is what you meant. yes, I read they do that.

  • @TheCaptain "fatal" just means to take an L... losing your package or having it redirected is a big L or "fatal". I definitely would see it that way. Plus you never know if the person its being directed to is going to open it or not

  • @maryjanelover11 yea, I see it that way either. I wonder if the MM crew are able to see on their end if something is redirected/misdirected or not, and in that instance, I wonder if I can get a replacement or just have to take a ~$400 loss lol

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