I got the covid.

Didn't think it was gonna happen to me.

I was even starting to think it was all a myth.

And now I got the covid.

... don't be like me.


  • Stay strong man, you’ll get through this 🙏🏼

  • "Stay strong man, you’ll get through this 🙏🏼"

    This from a man named 'liarliar03'...


  • Pray and take care of your health. Eat good food, get some vitamin D somehow. I hope you are going to be fine

  • Praying for good health and a speedy recovery!

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    @daCabbie - Rest, recuperate and feel better!!

  • I am sure I've had it, near the end of February. Wasn't tested, but the symptoms were there. Lasted about a week.

    Was weak, tired, no real fever, dry coughing, headache, etc.

    Lots of Nyquil and lots of liquids and rest, and I was done.

    I rarely get the flu, but I remember how it feels and this one was different.

  • I know what you are going through I tested positive in mid April and devolped lung infiction and had to be put on home oxagen at night that's when my breathing problems would start . Am still unable to go back to work due to sever fatague. You need to stay away from using any flowers for a while esp if you have the cough . Am starting to get back to nml. it was a long road for me . And am praying for ur quick recovery and make sure you take care of ur self by eating if your able and drinking plenty of water and Gatorade . I lost 22 pounds that I didn't need to lose trying to get it back .

  • It can last 3 weeks or longer and friends who work in nursing homes have had it twice already

  • Thanks @georgetirebiter am getting there I hope everyone is safe and healthy and @daCabbie take care of your self am over 50 yo and had some underlaying medical problems.

  • Extremely unfortunate to hear! Will be keeping ya in thoughts and prayers, two of my family members have had it and recovered. Hopefully you’ll be blessed and only contract mild to moderate symptoms.

  • Sorry to hear that. Hoping for a fast recovery for you.

  • Which Coronavirus?

    SARS/Coronavirus= Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome?
    MERS/Coronavirus= Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome?
    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, which is a mutated form of (SARS) CoV-2?

    There's more than 1 Coronavirus.
    How do you know which one you have?
    Just asking......

  • There is way more to this "Coronavirus" than meets the eye... I don't want to get "conspiratorial" but basically everything you see on TV is a lie... Like @Thisguy said the corona virus has been around. Its nothing new. Most likely some of us have had it and not even known. It's an opportunity for some to take advantage of the situation. Weather it be stock market or politicians trying to strip us of our rights. Does the virus exist? 100%... Is it something that should be panicked about? 100% NOT. More people continue to die of aids, malaria, the flu and other diseases... The media is lying, you know doing its thang...

  • "there is nothing new under the sun".... For real. no quote has been more true. Life is recycled. Stories are repeated... Its all the same bs. Humans have never changed.

  • @maryjanelover11 , while I agree with your premise (the TV is a lie-making machine, journalists are surprisingly bad at their jobs, pundits should be dropped off cliffs, etc.), I do not agree that diseases should be ranked--even by public health experts. This happens, for resource allocation in grants and other things; everyone acknowledges that it sucks.

    But no one is doing that here. We don't need a brand new testing regime for AIDS or malaria. That will cost a lot. We can't beat "other diseases" by social distancing.

    At any rate, I'm not going to try and convince you or anyone that

    The sacrifices I am making are insignficant, and I will keep making them, not for my governor or elected assholes, but for my family and neighbors.

  • @georgetirebiter I agree, do for your family and friends not the politicians

  • I got a doctor's note to not wear a mask working in a grocery store. That tells you what I think of it.

  • ...ugh, I wish you luck, you are gonna need it.

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    @daCabbie What are the symptoms you're experiencing? Did they give you any meds for it, and if so, what did they prescribe? I'm very curious about this aspect.

    Hope you get well soon

  • We're praying for a fast recovery for you!

  • I don’t think we can beat this disease by social distancing personally. I think herd immunity is the only way will beat this disease. Vaccines are a waste of time in my opinion. I hope for a speedy recovery for you bro. I’ve been having some breathing problems myself. Maybe I need to go get checked out. Anyway you’re in my thoughts.

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