XJ13/ Pink Sour Grapefuit

Received 7.5 and 7.0 grams of Both Wasn't What I Thought It Would Be The High Wasn't There Wouldnt Order That Again


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    I got the same size and strain... and I couldn't disagree with your comment more... not the largest buds but size, aroma, and effect are all clean, crisp, and pleasant...as described.

    I would order again.

  • I think both those strains are freaking fantastic. And I would order both again. Especially the XJ 13. Out of sight.

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  • The california orange and the wedding cake I ordered from Loud was absolutely fantastic some of the best kush i've ever had. The master kush should be here tomorrow (knock on wood) and i expect it will be just as good. Im surprised you didnt like these strains. Sometimes different strains affect different people

  • @maryjanelover11 High only lasted 20 mins and I was back rolling up again

  • @MrChemdawg you must be a heavy toker

  • Then you shouldn’t be complaining about how long you’re high last, time for T break maybe? XJ-13 was fantastic

  • @Stoney11 mine is set to arrive today, can’t wait to try it, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.

  • @liarliar03 Good! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • I just had a sample joint of the latest batch. Tasty and potent.

    Sometimes I get that feeling @MrChemdawg describes, where no matter how much I smoke of a strain, it's not enjoyable. Brain chemistry. I've smoked some good diesel sativas, for example a lot of strains in the "chem" family, and not felt them, or at least not on the same level as everyone around me. Maybe this is the opposite problem (with a username like MrChemdawg, I'm assuming a diesel/chem bias).

    Or, as others suggested, a THC break is necessary (whatever that means...the concept doesn't compute with me...).

  • @Stoney11 not complaining at all it wasn't my favorite so I don't know what u get from me making my opinion on something just cause it good to u don't mean its good for me

  • One blessing of this site is the possibility of having multiple strains onhand (obviously $$ and personal preference is a big factor)..I have a pretty high tolerance and find consuming strains back to back leaves me feeling like @MrChemdawg. Alternating strains has definitely helped me a lot.

    For instance IMO both strains discussed here are phenomenal..especially the XJ-13..some of the best smelling/looking buds I’ve got off here..the other day I w&b xj-13 and it hit me hard like MAC normally does..next day I hit it again and total opposite..immediately grabbed something else..chemistry and tolerance are huge factors for sure...

  • I wonder if that's because the receptors become tolerant to certain cannabananas?

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    @MikeyC that would be an excellent question to study (if science was run by heads...wow that would be some alternate reality, huh?). I believe that the cannabinoids and terpenes that we know about are only the tip of the iceberg. Like looking at Earth and concluding it's blue.

    We talk about THC now like it's important--and it is!--but think about the Earth example again...Earth is mostly blue, but it's the green part we live on. The "entourage effect" is no longer a hypothesis...each strain brings something unique to us...if not this would be a Kratom site...not that there's anything wrong with that but no one writes Haikus to Lemon Larry on those forums...

    EDIT: Ok, I wrote a haiku about Black Lime OG, not Lemon Larry, but my point stands, in the abstract...https://medicinemanonline.com/discussion/comment/5164#Comment_5164

  • @georgetirebiter lol i like reading your comments. Always interesting

  • Thanks @maryjanelover11.

    In other news, I can confirm that Pink Grapefruit Kush is as strong (or stronger) than most anything else I'm smoking these days (exceptions being Blackberry Kush, and maybe Space Queen).

  • @georgetirebiter I agree with you on the grapefruit! It's nice and strong.

  • @georgetirebiter indeed the sour pink grapefruit i got is very strong

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    I heard some people are getting smaller buds than I got. I had one giant bud, 3.6 grams. I say this to be fair to @MrChemdawg; what I am looking at (or was looking at) was clearly very different than what he got.

    My first thought was that the two listed strains on the menu was a mistake, that there's only one strain but it's listed twice with different menu descriptions. Maybe it's not? @medboy?

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