Website down?

Can't seem to get through tonight to the product website. Anyone know if it's down for any reason? Thanks.


  • It does appear to be down at this moment.

  • Thanks guys. Wasn't sure if it was on my end or not.

  • Feeling bad for MB and the rest of the crew... This has been a miserable last couple of weeks with system issues. This happens from time to time with the website and everything comes back up in a bit

  • Maybe PG&E cut the power. Thanks Gavin Newsom, Douche.

  • Not useley down this long when this happens definitely having some hard times our really bad luck last couple of weeks

  • Hamgreen87,
    Did MM get back to you on your "where's muh shit" Email. I too haven't gotten my order from 10/2.
    I haven't fired off an Email yet, as it has not been 2 weeks.
    The rules/refund/return policy says if it's a booboo on their part, they will reship (with bonus). I was wondering what the bonus is.

  • I have not, but I wasn't expecting a response till tomorrow. Holiday weekend and post offices are closed tomorrow. Maybe he will jump on tomorrow and update us all. Still not worried yet, have about $+400 in product in limbo right now, but he's always delivered. Will update everyone with the good or bad news as it comes in.....

  • Been with them since 2013 NVR over 7 days on anything most of the time 4-5 days to East coast. Iv saw site down several times but only for a couple of hrs at most

  • MB makes it pretty clear they take days off. Holiday weekend, website down...perfect storm. Lots of negativity from "loyal" customers. I'm not going to be the one to piss of the guy helping me out.

  • Not what am saying just mentioned that it is unusual ur a newbie at least to the site he has done me favers I would NVR tell anyone so I consider him family.

  • Wow, good for you being able to read my know this board has no connection to the actual site and how long I've been ordering. Also, for fam ur turning ppl off and making everyone else worried....unless that's ur goal

  • Sorry I even started this thread. smh

  • Your right BigL, I apologize. Got a little heated. Just trying to keep a good vibe going for MB.

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    I get a "502 Bad Gateway" error.

    I checked other .is websites and they work just fine, so the issue is only with the order site and not the internet in general.

    I figure Medboy will get things working again before too long.

  • I also placed an order on 10/02 and have yet to receive it, I did send an email to MB three or four days ago even though it wasn't 10 days because I never received a payment received as I normally do. In fact I placed two orders that day, one for a friend in Florida when I paid for that I did receive a payment received confirmation, In fact in about 10 minutes. She received her order last Thursday. I did not receive A payment confirmation and I have yet to receive my order in New York. I re-sent that email last night as MB has always goten Right back to me. I still haven't had a response. I wasn't asking him for tracking either I just asked if all was OK with payment as I never received a confirmation. Just need to be patient I am Sure will all work out.

  • It's back up!!!!

  • FWIW, I placed an order on 10/06 and received it 10/11.

  • Got my response from MB. Like I said before the shippers and the site have been through a rough past couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue

  • Yes, sorry I apologize to everyone about this weekend. It truly was a perfect storm. Our email server went out on Friday and then our whole site went down. Everything is now working again, sorry for the delays everyone!

    To make matters worse, FYI the power outages have been delaying shipments from Med Mama. But we have to focus on the factors within our control; that's not one of them, alas.

  • @medboy Will you keep us updated on Med Mama's status? I placed an order Friday and just wanted to know if it's going to be a few days delay or few weeks.

  • No problem. Turns out I misunderstood. At the worst, she only got 2 days behind and now she's all caught up.

  • Oh sweet! I did see that a label got created on Informed Delivery so looks like it's moving forward. Thanks!

  • Order page unavailable as of 10/27 @2350.

  • Well, never mind. :-) It is back up.

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