I Received an EMPTY Box

The tape was cut. Didn't need a knife to open the box as usual. Never has this ever happened before.


  • Just so you all know been a buyer for 6 years.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, man.

  • Wow really sorry to hear that, that sucks! Do you think it was the post office or a thief? I have a camera on the front of my house now so I can see the mailman when he comes to the house .

  • Damn! That sucks. I'm sure as a long time customer, the MedPeople will compensate. Antfuzz, did you order from MedMama or Loud? MedMama posted that some piece of siht thief/vandal/scumbag/turd, molested a postal station that she uses and I wonder if your package was a victim.

  • Oh crap that must be what happened. At least it was a small order.

  • Antfuzz, did you read the thread "What's the hold up? MedMama?"
    Someone else (pwnappleexpress?) posted in here in the "What's the hold up" thread that they ordered something on the 17th from MedMama and had a shipping label printed on the 20th and it never made it to the post office of origin and that's where MedMama posted about the incident. If your order was within this time frame, you may have fallen victim to a dirty thief.

  • Label was created 11/25

  • @antfuzz - Let MedBoy know about this via the contact instructions on the order page.

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    @Thisguy , fyi, you can hover your mouse over the little date portion (just to the right of the image) on any comment you want to reference (the one in the other thread), right click, and copy the link. Than, you can paste that link in any comment by putting the "@" symbol before it, which will result in this:

  • The boxes I've received from medmama have been taped all around the outside of the box, along with glued, making it impossible to open without destroying the box. Isn't that the standard box that everyone receives? Are the boxes different now?

  • @antfuzz, please write to me about this through the contact page.

  • @Sixwaychili My last order of concentrate from MedMama was in a soft bubble envelope sent first class. Flowers from her usually arrived in a small usps-supplied priority box with a decent amount of tape but not always completely covered. My last order of flowers from loud was priority but sent in a generic brown box with a standard amount of tape. So the shipping materials do seem to vary depending on shipper and order type.

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