Outdoor Jaeger review

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I love outdoor so here we go.
Bag appeal.
Medium to largish Dusky green brown nugs with hairs and fair crystal coverage.

LOUD musky earthy herbal smell invades everything once opened. Stored in glass jar and can still smell from 29 ft away. After grinding smell is herbal cat piss fuel pepper and blueberry.

Smooth berry menthol pepper dirt inhale. Slightly expansive smoke on the hold.
Exhale. Spicy pepper the aftertaste of licorice basil berry clay with an oaky tannin like quality almost scotch like. Very nice.

Wow! Powerfully relaxing but not overpowering. This strain provides a great high. Long lasting relaxation with some mental stimulation from the sativa influence. Powerful relaxant yet not overpowering. You wont be locked to the couch. But you wont want to move, but could if you needed to. Starts off shortly after exhale. Immediate muscle relaxation and calming of mind. Thoughts flow and movie or music is great. Evolves into the classic kushy warm comfy wrapped in a blanket feeling wich has some really good staying power. Wont make you fall asleep but sleep is easy if you want it.
A 9 of 10. Smells great tastes great. High is classic kush which sticks around. Hard hitting but not mike tyson. Near perfection.


  • Hey quit chatting this one up. I’m trying to order some on Sunday 🤣

  • Awesome review, got me wanting to try also.

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    Very nice review! Did yours have a lot of purple in it? These are some of the prettiest buds I've seen. For some reason the first time I vaped mine it was a very hard hitter (think had had some leftover crumble in my vape..oops)..since then it's been as you described..I definitely get a licorice hint off what I received. Taste amazing in my Pax

  • I'm not sure if "herbal cat piss fuel" is selling me on it. That sounds awful! lol

  • Have 1 bud as long as my finger with purpling. Some buds yes some not so much. But all nice looking even the smaller nugs

  • Ok guess i should have used commas. Btw there is a strain named cat piss. And its a really valid descriptor. Not stale litterbox piss. Its more like the spicy slightly ammonia pheromone laden fresh jungle cat piss smell. Full of well developed terpenes.

  • "Herbal Cat Piss Fuel"
    Good name for a band.

  • Maybe MB can update the description... "The sophisticated palate will detect subtle notes of cat urine"

  • I'm smoking the MOAB it totally smells like a mummified turd, buried in a pile of cedar chips, in a hamster cage (with 2 dead hamsters) . Smells awful. Nothing like marijuana. It tastes like clay.
    The smoke is heavy and dank and a wee bit harsh. The high comes on fast and leaves you tits-up on the sofa as you slip away into a coma.
    I give it a 6 out of 10. Only because it really smells bad. I have to smoke it outside and my neighbors are not cool with the cannabis. I live in a 55+ retirement community and it seems like everyone is a retired cop who doesn't realize they aren't on duty anymore.
    I also have some Larry OG which I haven't really had a chance to smoke yet. I'll review that after a propper session.

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    @Thisguy - Hey...I'm a retired cop. I wish more people were using cannabis. I wished it when I was working, too. I never once went to a bar fight, domestic, etc. where people were using cannabis and decided to start beating each other and then decided to take a crack at me when I showed up. Nope, if there is one thing in common in most of those situations = alcohol. Seriously, I worked in a big, busy, place and I don't recall one of my colleagues that gave a crap about cannabis unless you were doing something else they couldn't address. Alcohol and guns (this is Florida) were and still are the issue. Weed = happy campers who didn't hurt people, yell at people, or call 911.

    Cannabis has hit critical mass, in my opinion. You can't make it legal for medical and recreational purposes in more than half the states and expect it to stay contained.

    But I do sympathize with you. It's funny, I live in fairly white bread suburbia, in a small gated community, and when we were riding bikes the other night my wife said "I think I smelled weed on every street at least once". I did, too, and I thought "Thank God". Nice, quiet neighborhood.

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    I want to go live in one of those Margaritaville retirement communities. I bet they're 420 friendly. Only have about 7 years to go.

  • FYI, I just trademarked Herbal Cat Piss Fuel (TM). LOL!

  • Had to pop in here to say yup on the cat piss for this strain. It’s pretty remarkable how pungent Jaeger is. The buzz is great too, just what I need to endure these holidays. I will no longer give shade to outdoor nugz 🤘

  • I just toked on the first bowl of Jaeger and I love the high. It went straight to my head and it feels like my hands are over my ears which is weird. I'm not getting the herbal cat piss fuel thing though. Thought it tasted great.

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